Find Best Woodworking Classes Near Me - Updated December 2022

Find Best Woodworking Classes Near Me – Updated December 2022

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Are you searching for woodworking classes near me? Read this complete guide before going to join any woodworking classes, schools, or colleges.

In this post we will discuss how to find the best woodworking classes near me, what are the best places to learn woodworking lessons both online and offline, the best woodworking classes for females, and what are the averages cost for woodworking classes.

Find Best Woodworking Classes Near You Through Zip Code or City Name


    Best Platform To Learn Woodworking Online

    1. Teds Woodworking

    Teds Woodworking is a world-famous Ebook for those who want to learn or build their own wood projects. This digital has the world’s largest collection of 16,000+ wood projects. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert woodworker, this woodworking ebook will be very useful for you.

    Get Enrolled Now at Teds Woodworking

    2. Skillshare

    Skillshare offers more than 20,000 classes for $8/m or $24/y and a 15-day free trial. Here you will find videos of woodworking lectures and lessons of high quality with well-structured classes.

    This platform really offers cool features like workshops and live sessions to help students engage more in learning. Yes, you find some cons too, but without a doubt, Skillshare is worth it.

    Get 30% off ($1.40/m or $16/y) your first year of Skillshare premium today, if you signup from this link.

    3. Youtube

    There is no introduction required for Youtube to you. But even if you’re looking for a free platform for woodworking videos, then there can be no better place than YouTube. Here you will find hundreds of quality woodworking videos so that you can increase your skills further.

    Here you will also find channels of carpentry experts from where you learn to build something new every day. Follow below 10 best Woodworking Youtube channels if you really want to enhance your mind in carpentry fields.

    1. The Samurai Carpenter
    2. The Wood Whisperer
    3. Essential Craftsman
    4. Fine Woodworking
    5. Woodworkweb
    6. Woodworkers Guide of America
    7. Woodworkers Journal
    8. Carl Jacobson
    9. This woodwork
    10. Make Something

    For more details of the above list, read this post.

    4. Udemy

    Udemy is an online learning website where professionals and students can learn skills through videos. This is also a very good option if you want to learn some fundamentals of carpentry skills.

    As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. There have been over 295 million course enrollments.

    Udemy offers both paid and free lectures. If you want to learn how to build sheds, cabinets, and more then you have to enroll in any of the paid courses.

    5. Instructables

    More than 50,000 students have enrolled in the Instructables woodworking class till now. Instructable provides beginner level of 9 lessons that focus on basics like woodworking tools, making straight cuts, glues, wood shaping, miter cuts, and more.

    6. Woodworkers Guild of America

    If you really want a fun learning experience through an online medium then without doubt take the class in the WWGOA Academy. This woodworking academy offers in-depth woodworking how-to, get bonus material, and enjoys custom benefits for class participants.

    Here you’ll learn some basic to advance skills in table saw essentials, bandsaw jigs, table saw joinery, router table joinery, cabinet making, finishing essentials, router techniques, SketchUp classes, and more.

    7. Bluprint

    If you’ve enough basic woodworking techniques and searching for some online resources for advanced techniques then Blueprint can help you. Blueprint helps you to build advanced projects like cabinet case construction, drawer construction, router techniques, table saw techniques, and more.

    This is also a subscription-based platform that provides basic to advanced types of woodworking videos.

    Best Nearby Woodworking Classes For Females

    1. Women’s Woodshop

    The Women’s Woodshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota empowers ladies and non-binary makers through the art of woodcraft. They offer woodworking classes, community events, and much more. All women or girls can come here and they can enhance their strength and creativity through woodworking.

    Women’s Woodshop organizes a variety of classes that help women to learn some fantastic skills like making dovetails, cabinet making, spoon carving, and butterfly joints. Women’s Woodshop has its own shop where a learner can sell their products.

    Benefits of Becoming Women’s Woodshop: You will be a member of the dedicated learners, makers, instructors, and fans seeking to improve the culture of woodworking to be more inclusive. When you join its membership program you’ll be one of supporting classes, rent, admin, tool purchases, community events, and more.

    Address: 2237 E 38th Street, Minneapolis MN 55407

    2. Girls at Work Inc.

    Girls at Work program focuses on empowering each young girl with tools to overcome adversity and build the confidence needed to face current and future life challenges with her own unique and powerful voice. Here girls will learn how to build something with the power of safety.

    Girls at Work Inc. organizes various classes, workshops, and summer camps where young girls learn to make tables, bookcases, birdhouses, and many other wood-related things.

    Programs Benefits: They have several programs such as Build me Up After School, GAW Leadership, Build Me Up Summer Camp, and Vacation Camp. When a girl joins any of these programs, she will be more confident and can build up their skills and strength in woodworking fields.

    Address: 200 Bedford Street Manchester NH 03101

    3. A Workshop of Our Own

    This is a non-profit organization that is based in Baltimore and has a goal to make a professional woodworking environment that cultivates and promotes the careers of young girls and gender non-conforming in carpentry. A Workshop of Our Own offers several programs like workshops, apprenticeship opportunities, and regularly free woodshop safety classes.

    Program Benefits: All programs have separate benefits. But in Spoon Carving class, ladies will learn basic carving techniques that help to design and create a wooden utensils at their home.

    Address: 1780 Union Ave Baltimore, MD 21211

    4. The Carpenter’s Boatshop

    If you’re a woman and looking for woodworking classes in Bristol, Maine then The Carpenter’s Boatshop would be a great place for you. This organization is spread in a very large where you learn basic fundamentals of carpentry.

    The Carpenter’s Boatshop delivers only female-based classes that help you to focus on practices and personal faith. It teaches and helps you to sharpen your skills in woodworking.

    Program Benefits: An experienced female carpenter will teach you the basics of woodworking techniques, such as handling hands and power tools. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to create your own project that you can bring to your home.

    Address: 440 Old County Road, Bristol, ME 04558

    5. Wild Abundance

    This Asheville, North Carolina-based organization offers various classes and workshops where female students can learn the basics fundamentals of woodworking with a focus on sustainable building techniques. Wild Abundance provides a variety of female-focused woodworking classes, permaculture design, and tiny house-building sessions. 

    Program Benefits: In Wild Abundance, women can learn how to safely master tools and build small wood projects. This is the perfect place for women who’re searching for woodworking classes in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Address: Wild Abundance P.O. Box 1991, Asheville, NC 28802

    6. Hammerstone School

    Hammerstone School is situated in New York that focuses on motivating women and girls to strengthen their physical bodies as well as their creative skills through woodworking and carpentry. This school has aims to teach woodworking skills to females through specific courses and group classes.

    So the females who’re living in New York and looking for woodworking classes nearby then Hammerstone school might the perfect option for you.

    Programs Benefits: Teachers of Hammerstone school will teach you various basic carpentry skills. Group members will build a pair of sawhorses to take home for future use. Members can use this course as a foundation for higher-level courses later on.

    Address: 3285 Jacksonville Road, Trumansburg, NY 14886

    Top Woodworking School and Colleges in U.S.A, U.K, and Canada

    Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building, WashingtonMoulton College, NorthamptonSt. Clair College, Windsor
    Ivy Tech Community College, IndianNew Legacy School of Woodworking, AbingdonOkanagan College, Kelowna
    Lee College, TexasRycotewood College, OxfordshireConestoga College, Kitchener
    Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode IslandWarwickshire College, Leamington SpaHumber College, Toronto
    Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, PennsylvaniaThe English Woodworker, LincolnshireSelkirk College, Castlegar
    Eastern Maine Community College, MaineThe Thomas Chippendale School of Furniture, Edinburgh 
    Seattle Central College, WashingtonThe International School of Steam-Bending, Cumbria 
    Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MinnesotaBoat Building Academy Ltd, Dorset 
    Rochester Institute of Technology, New York  
    Northcentral Technical College, Wisconsin  

    Online Woodworking Classes Vs Woodworking Classes Near Me? Which one is Best?

    If you decided to learn Woodworking then you have mainly two options. First, online and the second one is taking the nearest woodworking classes, schools, or colleges.

    Both have some pros and cons. Therefore, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of both platforms and give you the best conclusion of it.

    Online Woodworking Classes


    1. The first benefit of taking an online Woodworking class is that it costs much lower than the nearest woodworking classes, schools, or colleges.
    2. Online Woodworking Classes allow you to learn from anywhere. You don’t need to visit any particular place or class. In addition, online classes save your time and money too.


    • Online classes might not be a good way for someone to learn Woodworking because it does not provide real-time learning experiences.
    • In this course, you need to learn properly and see how your instructor is handling the tools carefully and from every angle. So during this time if you choose from all these things then you may have problems in building your project.

    Woodworking Classes Near Me


    • The first benefit of taking the nearest woodworking classes is that you’ll get practical knowledge with real-time learning experiences.
    • In classes, if you’ve any doubts then you can directly discuss with your teacher or instructors about your problems.
    • In Woodworking classes, you’ve access to use many woodworking tools that require at the time of building.
    • Your woodworking Instructor or teacher guides you personally on how to build a particular project.


    • The first disadvantage of the nearest classes is its cost. Your nearest woodworking classes might be charged more fees than online classes. Sometimes woodworking classes might not be situated near you. You may have to visit hundreds of miles to reach the classes.


    If I say all in one, your woodworking classes prove to be better than online classes. But if you’re a beginner and just want to start into this then I recommend you to take online classes. First, take some basic or fundamental skills through videos.

    What is the Average Cost of Woodworking Classes

    The average cost of any Woodworking class completely depends on location, instructor experience, the popularity of the class, etc.

    Most nearby Woodworking classes, workshops, or woodshops charge around between $100 – $500 for hands-on instruction in a shop full of hand power tools which also depends on the length of the course and the equipment available at classes.

    If you’re planning to get enrolled in a professional woodworking school or college then they offer intensive weekend and week-long classes for $1000-$10,000 or more.

    A carpentry certificate could cost you around $1,000 up to $7,000 to enroll in a course.

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