Which Fruits Have the Most Sugar?

It contains fibre and minerals. But some have more natural sugar. One mango comprises 46 grammes of sugar, which isn't ideal if you're watching your weight or sugar intake.

Most Sugar: Mangoes

A cup has 23g sugar. That's a lot for something so convenient. Freezing them may slow down your eating. These delicious summer treats take longer to devour.

Most Sugar: Grapes

A cup of them has 18 grammes of sugar because of how sweet they are. It's easy to eat too many of them if you put them in a huge bowl.

Most Sugar: Cherries

One medium pear provides 17g sugar. If you're cutting back, throw a few slices in low-fat yoghurt or on a salad.

Most Sugar: Pears

A medium wedge comprises 17 grammes of sugar. It's rich with water and electrolytes, which your body needs after being in the sun. Two slices max.

Most Sugar: Watermelon

Two medium ones weigh 16g. If you're watching your sugar, slice some and smear goat cheese on them for a protein-rich treat, or use some in a sauce to add flavour to skinless chicken.

Most Sugar: Figs

A medium banana provides 14g sugar. If that's too much, slice some into your cereal or peanut butter sandwich.

Most Sugar: Bananas

Fruits aren't all sweet. 1.33 grammes of sugar are in a full avocado. They're low in sugar but heavy in calories, so don't eat them every day.

Less Sugar: Avocados

Each has 5 grammes of sugar and 3 grammes of fibre, more than brown rice or whole-grain bread. Smoothies containing skin-on guavas have greater fibre.

Less Sugar: Guavas

8 grammes of fibre and 5 grammes of sugar per cup. Fiber aids digestion and helps you feel full on fewer calories.

Less Sugar: Raspberries

It's amazing that a medium wedge has only 23 calories and 5 grammes of sugar.

Less Sugar: Cantaloupe

One small comprises 6 grammes of sugar. Half of a little one is enough to eat at once. Add lime and salt.

Less Sugar: Papayas

Whole strawberries have 7 grammes. They provide colour and summer to a salad.

Less Sugar: Strawberries

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