Warning Signs of Kidney Problems

The kidneys discharge blood waste as urine. Unfiltered kidneys collect toxins. Tiredness is an indication. You may feel tired, weak, and distracted.

Inconsistent Energy Levels

Sleep apnea is connected to chronic kidney disease (CKD), which can cause organ damage and renal failure. Sleep apnea damages your kidneys by lowering blood oxygen levels.

Not Enough Restful Sleep

If your kidneys can't filter blood, you may have this. This might cause rashes and irritation. Mineral and bone disorders produce dry, itchy skin.

Itchy Skin

When the kidneys don't work properly, the body retains fluid. Hands, feet, ankles, legs, and face can swell. Feet and ankles may swell.

Facial and limb swelling

Poor renal function may cause leg cramps. A lack of sodium, calcium, potassium, or another electrolyte can affect muscle and nerve function.

Ache in the Muscles

Kidney illness reduces erythropoietin production. Hormones induce RBC formation. Anemia and tiredness result from insufficiency. Fluid retention may also contribute. Labored breathing occurs.


Kidney illness causes nausea, vomiting, and stomach distress. That may reduce hunger. Temporary weight loss may result.

Hunger Loss

Uremia occurs when the kidneys cannot eliminate waste products. This causes bad breath. Toxins can make food taste metallic or unpleasant.

Bad Odor

Urine bubbles may indicate an albumin excess. Caused by kidney issues. Urine can be brown or light. Blood in urine is caused by kidney stones, tumours, and infections.

Urine That Is Foamy, Brown, or Bloody