10) Russia – 42m

2021 whisky shipments to Russia are 61% higher than pre-pandemic. Invasion of Ukraine and trade restrictions may reverse this trend.

9) Poland – 45m

7% of Poland's alcohol market is Scotch, compared to 70% vodka. Polish whiskey exports are up 37% between 2019 and 2021.

8) Germany – 46m

Scotch whisky's marketing value is something the industry doesn't want diluted: a German distillery's use of 'Glen' in one of its product names was upheld this year.

7) Mexico – 48m

Scotch sales in Mexico fluctuated due to the outbreak, but the spirit recovered. Mexico-UK Spirits Agreement protected Scotch in 2020.

6) Spain – 48m

Scotch shipments to Spain were 15% lower in 2018 than in 2019, indicating slow customer response to restored on-trade channels. Lockdown lowered Spanish wine consumption estimates.

5) Japan – 56m

Japan produces high-quality whisky, although Scottish whisky is popular. Some distillers combine Scotch and Japanese whisky, which is dubious. In April 2021, labelling drinks as "Japanese whisky" was banned.

4) Brazil – 82m

Brazilians favour Scotch over cachaça. 2021 exports increased 91% from 2019. Whisky Invest Direct reports 95% of Brazil's Scotch is bottled mixtures. Drink is a status symbol in the centre and south.

3) United States – 126m

Transatlantic spirits trade was disrupted by EU-US tariffs. Scotch shipments to the US declined 1% in 2021, while their value fell 26% to £789.8m. Despite the reduction, the US is Scotch's top market.

2) India – 136m

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India is the seventh-largest Scotch market, 44% over pre-pandemic levels. United Spirits (Diageo's Indian division) and Indian officials likely disagree over the 150% bottle customs duty.

1) France – 176 million

The French import 176m bottles, or 2.5 litres per adult, of Scotch (£386.6m last year). Consumers prefer domestic spirits, but 2021 volume was 1% higher than in 2019.