Nurture good bacteria to boost oral health.

You can't totally eliminate bacteria from your mouth, but you can make it harder for them to thrive. Bacteria at the gum line and between the teeth and gums cause periodontal disease.

Repeated brushing and flossing is essential

Regular brushing and flossing kills hazardous microorganisms. Brush your teeth twice a day (after each meal) and floss once, preferably before brushing.

Both dentists and doctors recommend this. Sugary drinks cause dental decay, obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. This is because dangerous bacteria eat sugar and transform it into acid.

Stay away from sugary beverages

Lack of good microorganisms in the mouth can cause enamel loss, tooth decay, and cavities. Sugary drinks increase beneficial germs while blocking bad bacteria.

Acidic drinks, including sugary drinks, promote harmful germ proliferation and stress beneficial bacteria. Sugar and acidic environments are favourable for pathogenic bacteria, which can upset your microbiome.

Avoid acidic drinks

Limit your coffee intake and take precautionary actions like brushing your teeth and drinking water to decrease bacteria.

Water refreshes and cleanses your mouth. It sweeps away food detritus to kill bacteria. Those who have difficulties making saliva may benefit from drinking more water.

Be sure to hydrate well

Smoking is hazardous for your body and teeth. Nicotine reduces the body's defences against oral bacteria, say scientists. This is why smokers have an increased risk of periodontal disease.

Put an end to your smoking habit