This Is the Suggested Daily Water Intake, According to Harvard

To what extent should one's daily water intake be calculated? If you're like most people, you know to stay hydrated when the weather outside is high.

Regardless of the weather, though, it's important to drink plenty of water every day. We have a serious water shortage, especially among the elderly.

The sensation of thirst diminishes with age, therefore older persons often underestimate its presence. If they're using a diuretic or other drug that could promote dehydration, that's a problem.

Healthy people drink 4-6 glasses daily. You can drink too much water if you have thyroid, kidney, liver, or heart problems, or if you take water-retentive medications such NSAIDs, opiate pain medications, and some antidepressants.

How much water should you drink a day?

How much water a day should they drink? No universal solution exists. Individual water intake should be discussed with a doctor.

1. Transporting oxygen and nutrients to your cells

2. cleaning the bladder of germs

3. Facilitating digestion

Benefits of drinking water

4. Remedying bowel problems

5. lowering hypertension

6. Aiding in the prevention of joint damage by providing a cushion

Benefits of drinking water

7. Shielding internal organs and tissues

8. Controlling one's core temperature

9. Keeping the sodium level stable.

Benefits of drinking water