Healthier Dessert According to WebMD Experts

A classic pair. Berries are delicious and low in calories. They're full of antioxidants and fibre, which are heart-healthy.

1. Berries and Cream

Some manufacturers offer low-calorie, low-sugar choices. Make your own to avoid added sugars. Look for fruit-heavy recipes. You'll get fibre and other nutrients in your treat.

2. Frozen Fruit Bars

An ounce a couple times a week won't ruin your diet. Milk chocolate has more sugar, this has less. Less calories, but more flavonoids.

3. Dark Chocolate

It's as indulgent as ice cream, but with less sugar, more fibre, and more benefits. Plain yoghurt has less sugar than flavoured.

4. Yogurt Parfait

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This warm, gooey dessert may satisfy you. More oats, nuts, and fruit, less white flour, sugar, and butter. Apples are sweetest when baked. Fiber-rich oats and almonds contribute healthful fats.

5. Oat Apple Crisp

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This dessert appears expensive, but it's easy to make and healthy. Melt chocolate and freeze banana slices. Roll bananas in chocolate and add nuts if desired. Then freeze until ready to eat.

6. Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

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You should opt for ones with natural components and low added sugar. A well-balanced bar has 3 g fibre, 3 to 6 g protein, and 175 calories.

7. Nut Bar

Packaged ones have up to 17 g of sugar per 2-cup serving. A cup of air-popped corn has no sugar and 35 calories. Making your own cinnamon sugar blend lets you control the calories and fat levWebMD

8. Sweetened Popcorn

This tasty throwback snack is worth remembering. Making it at home with skim or low-fat milk and cocoa powder can help you cut back on calories and sugar.

9. Chocolate Milk

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