Don't Do Yoga?  Its Benefits will Blow Your Senses

Holding a pose for an extended period of time can help improve strength, while moving slowly and deeply helps warm up muscles.

Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga relieves persistent lower back pain and increases flexibility like regular stretching. The American College of Physicians recommends yoga for chronic low back pain.

Yoga helps with back pain relief

Johns Hopkins reviewed 11 studies and found that gentle yoga can reduce the pain of arthritic joints.

Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms

Yoga can lower stress and inflammation, leading to healthier hearts. Yoga helps reduce heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and weight.

Yoga benefits heart health

A regular bedtime yoga regimen can help you go asleep and remain asleep, according to research.

Yoga relaxes you, improving sleep

Yoga can promote mental and physical vitality, attentiveness, enthusiasm, and reduce negative feelings.

Yoga boosts energy and mood

The NIH says yoga promotes stress management, mental health, mindfulness, good eating, weight loss, and quality sleep.

Yoga helps you manage stress

Yoga can reduce loneliness and promote social healing and support. Even during one-on-one sessions, loneliness is decreased because the client is listened to and helps create a specific yoga strategy.

Yoga is social

U.S. military, NIH, and other huge organisations are adopting yoga's health benefits.

Yoga promotes better self-care

This news is based on general information.  For any kind of specific information, take proper advice from the expert.

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