Do Weight Supplement Work? Here's What Expert Said

Our culture values thinness. Diet drugs cost the U.S. $2 billion annually. Do weight-loss drugs work? What's their security?

Dietician Melissa Matteo, RD, cautions. Matteo explains whether fat burners are effective, lists their ingredients, and suggests healthier alternatives.

Fat burners contain natural and synthetic ingredients. Using these things may help you lose weight and get toned.

What are fat burners? 

Maybe. No miracles here. "Fat burners" don't actually destroy fat tissue. They use alternate weight-loss motivation.

Do fat burners work?

FDA doesn't supervise fat burners. That means producers can boast about their goods without proof. Since the FDA doesn't regulate them, we don't know their effectiveness, says Matteo.

Weight-loss pills contain many herbal and chemical ingredients. Common ingredients include: Caffeine, Carnitine, Yohimbe, Soluble fiber, etc.

Common ingredients in fat burners

Fat burners have many difficulties. They lack monitoring, may include hazardous ingredients, and won't help you get in shape. Some are dangerous. Matteo advises consulting a doctor or pharmacist before taking these supplements.