Beyonce workout routine. This is how she keeps herself fit

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Beyonce is all about gaining strength, thus she's a Lagree Fitness lover.

Interval Training

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Marco Borges, her trainer and nutritionist, says she uses boxing equipment and heavy ropes for her interval training.

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If you want to attain the same results as she did from your exercises at home, try doing alternating punches with weighted dumbbells.

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"Black Is King" star eats clean. She's done the Master Cleanse, plant-based eating, and more, but always promotes healthy food. Beyonce treats her body like a shrine.

Diet Hacks

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Beyonce tones and trims with just her body weight. The "Lemonade" singer loves doing basic exercises wherever, anytime.


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Calisthenics are especially important for busy performers like Beyoncé who may not have access to gyms or a lot of expensive exercise equipment.

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According to her trainer, Beyonce trains 5x a week and does 45 minutes of weight training. Plus, when on tour, she does choreography 7 days a week for 9 hours a day.

Weight Lifting

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Beyonce uses a wide variety of weight training exercises to stay in shape, including bench presses, push-ups, military presses, and weighted lunges and squats.