This magnificent cake is proof that your eternal love for chocolate cake has no bounds. They aren't frightened by anything, not even spiders.

Spiderweb Cake

Is anyone up for the ultimate trick-or-treat dessert test? A gratifying one has finally arrived. Using two cakes and the fixings, this terrifying structure has been erected.

Towering Haunted House Cake

Snake-shaped cake with black nonpareils and venom. Use the recipes below to create a cake or buy one. Then trace the snake outline onto parchment. Cut a nonpareil stencil from parchment following the template.

Sneaky Snake Cake

Put some food colouring in the vanilla cream cheese frosting and some scary candies on top of these enormous cinnamon swirl cakes to terrify your visitors.

Frankenstein Cake

Skull Cake will impress your friends. Create a sugar skull or classic skull for Dia de los Muertos.

Skull Cake

This mouthwatering cake will have your visitors pleading with you for more of it.

Creepy Halloween Cake

You should meet this mysterious black cat. Chocolate cake, ganache, and buttercream filling will make you purr.

Halloween Cat Cake

You don’t need to be quite so anxious. These bones were made out of a delectably airy type of meringue called meringue.

Meringue Bone Cake