9. Mariah Carey Spending Thousands on Holiday For Dogs

Mariah Carey, a gifted artist with a fortune of over $320 million, acknowledged in an interview that she spends more than $34,000 year on her dogs.

Image: Dailyrecord.co.uk

8. Warren Buffet Still Lives in His Original House

The 88-year-old business magnate has an estimated net worth of over $82.7 billion, which allows him to live in any opulent home he chooses. Contrary to popular belief, Warren Buffet still resides in the 6,000 square foot Omaha home he paid $31,500 for in 1958.

Image: www.wsj.com

7. Mike Tyson Tigers

With an estimated net worth of over $400 million, Tyson spent about $70,000 on three Bengal tigers. He then recruited a trainer for them who received a salary of $125,000 annually. Additionally, Tyson gave his first wife a 24-carat gold bathtub for Christmas for $2.2 million.


6. Lady Gaga's $50,000 Ghost Detector

Lady Gaga is estimated to be worth $150 million. You would anticipate her to spend such money on her brand, her wardrobe, or investments. Her fear is so severe that she spent $50,000 on a ghost detector.

Image: www.wikipedia.org

5. Saving Meals for the Next Day

One of the original investors in Google was a businessman named David Cheriton, who was born in Canada. He is thought to be worth $10.1 billion. Authentic accounts indicate that the businessman reserves half of his restaurant meals for the next day.


Image: engineering.stanford.edu

4. Bono Buys First Class Ticket For His...Hat?

If you have a net worth of more than $700 million, you can afford to hire a plane to bring back your priceless item of clothes. The well-known guitarist and musician Bono is known for his $1,700 plane ticket purchase for his hat.

Image: ww.wikipedia.org

3. World Richest Person No Longer Want To Live on Earth

Elon Musk have a networth more than $250 billion. For instance, he recently sold all his houses and now “owns no home. As it stands, Elon Musk now sleeps at his friends’ places. Now he has been looking at the possibility of relocating to Mars.

Image: depositphotos.com

2. Kim Basinger Purchases an Entire Town

Kim Basinger paid $20 million to purchase the Georgian town of Braselton in 1989. She planned to promote big film festivals and turn the area into a tourist destination. She was declared bankrupt five years later and the town was resold for $1 million.

Image: www.pinterest.com

1. Drinking Water Made from Poop

That's sound crazy. Isn't it? In order to advance his cause, billionaire Bill Gates decided to drink water made from recycled human excrement. Of course he owned 18.6 million shares of Waste Management, Inc., and he invested in the company, but was drinking faeces water really necessary?

Image: www.gatesnotes.com