9 Rules for a Healthy Back

Stay standing. Good posture helps your back. Imagine a thread linked to your head pulling you up as you stand. Not slouching relieves back pressure.

Keep your back straight. Sitting properly is as important as standing properly. Sit with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. Crossing your legs too often strains your back

Lift properly. When lifting, bend at the knees, not the waist. Lift close to your body and don't twist.

You can stomach or side sleep. A night spent on one's stomach stresses the back. Sleep on your side or back with a pillow between your legs.

Wear comfortable shoes. High heels and ill-fitting shoes cause back pain. Protect your feet and ankles with sturdy shoes.

Exercise is suggested. Regular exercise is crucial for a healthy, flexible spine. Core strength helps your back and reduces back discomfort.

Eat healthy and exercise to stay slim. Being overweight strains your back, so staying healthy is important. Eating healthily and exercising consistently can help maintain a healthy weight.

Quit smoking. Smoking reduces oxygen to the spine, causing pain. Quitting smoking may relieve back pain.

Check-up often. If you have back problems, see your doctor regularly. Regular doctor visits can help you monitor your back health and discover abnormalities before they become severe.