Passage to India is one of the best Indian restaurant in Wichita which serve you Delicious, spicy, wonderful aromatic food. Their dish gives your mouth Indian desi authentic foods flavour at reasonable prices. As a warm-up, its steaming cup of chai masala or chilled mango lassi is delicious and in their main course, the chicken Tikka masala is the most wonderful, luscious delightful dish, its spicy mild flavor melts your mouth.

1. Passage to India

2. New Paradise Indian Restaurants

If you are in a mood to try Indian food in Wichita city then visit the new paradise Indian restaurant. All the food is prepared in authentic Indian style. They have special Hyderabadi style biryani, goat biryani, veg biryani, fish curry, samosa, and other varieties of food. Each dish had a completely unique flavour with distinct spices. 

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3. Deshi Curry

As the name indicates, the restaurant serves authentic Indian spice fragrant chicken curry thali with naan or rice. The restaurant is special with biryani, samosa, kabab, coconut curry, shrimp tikka masala, and vegetable curry. The good part of this restaurant is it serves you hot fresh mouth-melting dishes with Indian style that you could not stop eating.

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4. Kababs

Kababs is the first Indian restaurant opened in Wichita city. If you want to test north Indian or Pakistani traditional foods then kababs is the best place. Kebabs offer an everyday lunch buffet and withinside the evening a menu of Indian and Pakistani specialties made with veggies, chicken, red meat, and seafood.

5. Himali Eats

Himali east specialty is steamed momo and chilli momo, the momos are extremely flavorful, juicy, yummy and with hot soup, it’s so delicious. You can also have fried chicken, butter chicken, veggie, fried fish, curry, other Nepalese food, and varieties of momo at affordable prices. As a dessert, you can have their special ice cream.