While watching television, if you want to unwind and relax, colouring is a terrific activity to do.

Another enjoyable activity is knitting, which can be used to create accessories such as hats and scarves.

While you're watching television, you can work on your hand lettering skills.

While watching television, a fantastic beneficial activity is to go through a drawer and organise the contents of the drawer.

Another one of the most useful things you can do while watching television is rearrange the books on your bookshelves.

If you play with your pet while watching TV, then it will bring positive feelings in you.

Folding clothes is also a great activity when watching TV.

While you watch television, make a list of things that need to be done.

If you do stretching while watching TV, then it gives you many health benefits.

You can also make the preparation of the week's meal plan.