You sigh after a long day. Pillows quickly collect bacteria, mould, and dust mites. Annually replace nonwashable pillows. Use an anti-allergy pillowcase every few days.

1. Your Pillow

2. Houseplant

Houseplants offer colour and purify the air in your bedroom, but overwatering them can cause root rot and mould growth. 2 Only water houseplants when the soil is dry, and never leave them in water.

3. Pet

Fido and Mittens are family members, but not bedmates. Pet dander, dust, pollen, mold spores, and germs can disrupt sleep. 3 Give pets separate beds to avoid soiled bedding.

4. The Vacuum Cleaner

Without a HEPA filter, your vacuum could recirculate dust, pollen, filth, and grime. If the vacuum uses bags, be sure they're also HEPA-made.

5. The Humidifier

If you forget to replace the water everyday or clean the humidifier regularly, you may find yourself dealing with mold growth in the humidifier. Daily water changes and weekly cleanings are required.

6. Your Mattress

A third of your life's skin flakes, fluids, dust mites, bacteria, dust, and grime are in your mattress. Regularly clean your mattress and bedding. Dust mite, fluid, and particle-proof the mattress.

7. Door Knob

You cleaned your room but not the doorknob. Consider how often, by whom, and where a doorknob is handled to know if it requires a wipe-down to eradicate germs and bacteria. Clean door and closet knobs.

8. The Carpet

Soft carpet is the most common bedroom flooring. Carpet traps dirt, pollen, animal hair, grime from shoes and feet, and it can harbour fleas if your pets are afflicted. Shampoo bedroom carpet monthly. Easy-to-clean wood and laminate.

9. Your Window Shade

Every window shade slat collects dust, pollen, and dander. After seeing how much grime comes off, you'll agree. Clean your drapes. Clean if you can. Tags should provide care instructions.

10. Light Switches

Like door knobs, just thinking about how many hands have touched your light switches should make you clean them. Wipe down wall light switches, remotes, and lamp knobs.