10 Celebrity Weight-Loss Tips That Actually Work

Celeb Weight Loss Transformation

Postpartum, "Snooki" Polizzi reduced her weight by eating fewer carbohydrates and more vegetables. "Salad is constantly on the menu," she informed the press.

Eat salad at every meal

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Carrie Underwood maintains a MyFitnessPal meal log. She says unless she does this, her body won't realise it's full. She says it helps her make better judgments and monitor her intake.

Write what you Eat

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Dessert first if you want sweets. Dalton Wong was Jennifer Lawrence's trainer for X-Men: First Class. Jennifer praises him for diet and exercise advice in the book's forward.

Instead of a starter and main dish, get two appetisers

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When out, plan for hunger.

Candace Cameron Bure ate before long trips to avoid airline food and brought protein bars for workout. The actress was in her best shape during this time.


Stick to Bs in workouts.

Britney Spears' trainer Tony Martinez had her focus on the "Four Bs" before her Planet Hollywood residency: basketball jump shots, backwards walking, balancing on one leg while slamming medicine balls, and bicycling.

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Eat well, but not perfectly

Blake Lively gave birth in 2014 and got in shape for 2015's The Shallows. Without calculating calories, she ate pizza and spaghetti. Blake's trainer said she cooked at home. She aims to eat well 80% of the time and indulge 20%.

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Be healthy, not thin.

Fill in Non-dieting Lena Dunham used it. She said on Instagram that diet and exercise are helping her endometriosis. Despite stress-related appetite loss, the girl boss exercises with Tracy Anderson and practices yoga. some text

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Always eat protein.

The diet of cheesy eggs in the morning, fish at lunch, and lean chicken breast at evening helped Kim Kardashian shed her postpartum weight.

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Avoid eating late and early.

Jennifer Hudson has maintained her 80-pound Weight Watchers weight loss. She said meal timing is key to maintaining her weight loss on the U.K. show Lorraine. She eats carefully.

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Chrissy Teigen admitted she had to reduce a dress size after paying for childcare, personal training, and nutrition counselling.

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