Find Best Gun Range Near Me - Updated December 2022

Find Best Gun Range Near Me – Updated December 2022

If you’re searching for a gun range near your location then this page helps you to find them in a very easy way. With the help of this page, you’ll be able to search the nearest firing range through zip code search. We also listed the top 5 shooting range details where you’ll get address, phone number, operating timing, Google and Yelp rating, and website URL.

Below, we added a zipcode search tool where you only need to enter your location zip code. After that, all the nearest shooting range details will be shown on your screen. Now let’s check out below the top-rated gun range in your city.

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10 Tips For Your First Time in the Gun Range

1. Learn the Basic Rules of Firearms Safety Before You Shoot

Before going to any gun range, I want to suggest you that learn all the necessary rules of firearms online or offline. You can also learn these safety at the range location.

2. Go With Friend or Loved One

Choose your company wisely. Let your shooting buddy know you’re new and that you want this to be a positive experience which means you may need to take it slow. Your major goal is to be safe and have fun.

3. Make Sure You Have Proper Eye and Ear Protection

Safety glasses and hearing protection with safety ratings for shooting are rather inexpensive and a good investment. You will want to try them together with both your eye and ear pro before you go to the range to make sure they fit properly and they’re comfortable. 

4. Double Up Your Ear Protection… Ear Plugs and Earmuffs

We recommend doubling up that’s wearing both earplugs and earmuffs. The range is loud, especially indoor ranges. Tell your shooting partner that you’ll be wearing both that they’ll need to talk loudly. 

5. Ask To Shoot A 22 Caliber Firearm For Your First Time on The Range

Let me be straight with you 22 rimfire isn’t just for youth or female shooters and don’t let anyone tell you differently. 22 is quiet and soft shooting allowing you to focus on the basics of grip, stance, side alignment, and trigger control. After all, the point is to learn how to shoot. Once you feel comfortable and  are drilling the center of your target plan another day with a larger Caliber. 

6. Set Your Target Up at a Close Distance

3-5 yards is a great place to begin with and you can always increase the distance. 

7. Load Just One Round Into The Firearm

We recommend you to load just one round into the Firearm for your first shot. It’s a safer way to experience it and you can always set the Firearm down if you need a little time to process it all. 

8. Pay Attention To How You Feel

Throughout your shooting, pay attention to how you feel. Everyone is different, if you find you’re getting tired or frustrated or if it’s just too overwhelming then take a break. It’s better to end on a high note while shooting. So you want to keep that in mind.

1. How Much it Cost to Shoot at a Gun Range?

It completely depends on the type of range, its size, and location, costs can vary because different shooting ranges have different prices. Its cost also depends on the indoor and outdoor shooting range as both have different pricing models. The average cost for an indoor shooting range is about $15 – $25. Pistol and Rifle range cost might be a little different. Outdoor shooting ranges offer their fees according to full-day and half-day rates. The average cost for an outdoor shooting range is about $40 – $50. Many shooting ranges offer discounts on monthly and yearly membership. Shooting range offers a discount on range fee for Active Military, Law Enforcement & First Responder with a valid ID.

2. What Types of Gun Ranges are Available?

Indoor and outdoor are the two types of shooting range are available where you can enjoy pistol and rifle shoot. Most people prefer to visit Indoor ranges because here this range is typically used for shooting at stationary targets and has reinforced walls and ceilings. One of the disadvantages of the indoor range is that you’ll be restricted to the use of certain types of weapons. It is necessary for indoor ranges that shooters wear earmuff hearing protection in addition to eye protection. Outdoor ranges are weather-dependent, which offer shooters greater distances for target practice, as well as opportunities to shoot moving targets, such as clay pigeons.

3. Who Can Go to a Gun Range?

It completely depends on the operator of the shooting range where you go. One of the primary reasons for this type of restriction is safety. Therefore, if the owner of the shooting range feels that there may be safety risks, he or she may not allow you for shooting.

4. What is the Minimum Age to Go to a Gun Range?

There is a minimum age if you’ve planned to purchase rifles and handguns. But if we talk about the minimum age for shooting then it depends on other factors such as safety, range policy, and insurance limitations.

5. Is Children are Allowed at Gun Ranges and Can They Shoot There?

Children are allowed at the shooting range and also they can shoot there. but for this, children can shoot only under the careful supervision of parents or guardians. It is very important to know that your child is responsible enough to operate a firearm under supervision.

6. What are the Important Rules to Follow at Gun Range?

This is one of the very important things to be followed if you’re thinking to visit any nearby shooting range. General Range Safety Rules are the important things you should read and followed. Listen to each and every instruction which is told by your instructors.