Protect Car Paint: Best Ways to Protect Your Car Paint

Protect Car Paint: Best Ways to Protect Your Car Paint

Enjoy a beautiful coat of paint on your vehicle for years to come. Whether you’re driving a classic or trying to eke out a few more years of your old, faithful truck, explore these paint job protection tips and find out how to take care of your car cover.

Wax and Wash Your Car

A good wash and wax will do a world of good. Dirt, dust and water spots can cause discoloration and scratches on your vehicle. Over time, UV rays unevenly fade the paint and encourage rust. Washing your vehicle prevents dirt from damaging the paint job and waxing creates a protective barrier between the paint and debris.

Invest in quality microfiber towels and cleaning supplies to avoid scratching your paint as you wash and wax your vehicle. Improper washing techniques can spread dirt around and scratch your paint job rather than protect it.

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Invest in a Protective Paint Finish

Another popular option for classic vehicles during the transportation is road wrap paint protection. These rolls of protective film work by preventing dust, moisture, and other contaminants from settling on the surface of your vehicle. If you’ve taken care of your beautiful ride in your garage and prepared it for a car show, don’t allow anything to scratch or ding your paint on the way.

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions for installing a paint finish. Some paint protection wraps are designed for storage or transportation, while others keep your car safe as you drive down the road.

Avoid Droppings and Sap

Bird droppings and tree sap are two particularly corrosive contaminants that easily wear away a paint job and cause a vehicle to rust. The easiest way to protect these contaminants is to avoid parking outside, but this isn’t always possible. If you can’t avoid parking outdoors, promptly wipe off any droppings and sap and keep your car clean.

These are some of the most corrosive contaminants you may face, but they are by no means the only ones. Even snow, leaves or grass clippings, over time, can damage your paint and cause uneven wear. If you can’t park indoors or cover your vehicle with a car cover, be sure you promptly wipe away any debris and schedule routine washings.

Choose a Car Cover That Fits Your Vehicle

A custom-fit car cover is an excellent way to protect your ride whether you’ve parked it for the night or are setting it up for long-term storage. Choose a cover that is designed to fit your exact make and model of vehicle for complete coverage. There are many types of covers, so choose one that fits your storage situation. Whether you’re looking for all-weather outdoor protection or dust protection while storing your car in your garage, a durable cover prevents plenty of contaminants.

Learn more about these protection options by talking to a car cover and accessory specialist today. Find the answers to all of your questions, like do car covers damage car paint? Be confident that your car’s paint is protected from the elements as you park for the night or prepare for your next car show or the daily commute.