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Petrol Pump Near Me: Find 24-Hour Petrol Pumps [Pincode Search]

Are you looking for a petrol pump which is open now near your location? Use our petrol pump locator that helps you to find with your areas pin code. You just have to enter your location Pincode and all the petrol pumps will be shown on the map.

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How to Find Petrol Pump Near Your Location

1. Do Research

If you are stuck in a city and you do not see a petrol pump nearby, then you can search by your smartphone on your own. You can reach the nearest petrol pump by searching online from your smartphone. By searching online, the location of any nearby petrol pump will be available.

2. Ask Someone

Many times we don’t have an internet connection or we don’t have the facility to know about petrol pumps nearby online. In such a situation, you can ask people around where you are. Try to ask a shopkeeper because they can tell you the correct petrol pump address.

3. Search on Site

If your vehicle’s petrol is exhausted in some unknown way and your mobile has an internet connection, then you can search for a nearby petrol pump directly on the website.

4. Search on Google Map

Google Maps is another great way to find a petrol pump near your location. So if you are in a place where you do not know the pin code, then the best place is Google Map. Yes, from Google Maps you can get information about any nearest petrol pump. For this, you will need an internet connection.

Top Petrol Pump Station Near You

Oil Company/State/UTIOCLHPCLBPCLOthers RIL/Essar Oil/Shell/ONGCTotal
Andhra Pradesh11999297202103050
Arunachal Pradesh48071671
Himachal Pradesh218109627396
Jammu & Kashmir2211301340485
Madhya Pradesh12958149172433269
Tamil Nadu1991115813172364702
Uttar Pradesh3394137413135356616
West Bengal1119488563742244
Andaman & Nicobar1000010
Dadra & Nagar Haveli11114531
Daman & Diu11107331
Grand Total253631380213439358656190

1. Indian Oil

Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) has a 25,363 number of petrol pumps across India. It is known as India’s currently biggest and most profitable oil company.

Indian Oil Petrol Pumps are situated in every city of Indian states. Indian oil petrol pump serves its service in urban and rural areas in India.

2. Bharat Petroleum

Bharat Petroleum is Indias 2nd biggest company which has a total number of 13, 802 petrol pumps across the country. So if you’re searching for a petrol pump near me, you’ll definitely find Bharat Petroleum in your areas.

This oil and gas company provide its best service across all the state of the country.

3. Hindustan Petroleum

Hindustan Petroleum(HPCL) is one of the most popular companies of fuel retail outlets in India. It has a total number of 13802 petrol pumps across the country.

So again if you’re searching for the nearest fuel station near you, Hindustan Petroleum will available in your area. HPCL produces a large number of petroleum fuels.

4. Reliance Petroleum

As you all know how Reliance company is popular. Therefore Reliance Petroleum is one of the growing and most trusted private sector oil companies of India which is owned by Reliance Industries.

As of 2018, more than 1,343 Reliance petrol pumps outlets across India.

Its fuel stations are situated mostly in urban areas. So when you search for the Reliance petrol pump near me, you’ll get some Reliance Petroleum station near your location.

5. Shell

Shell is a British-Dutch oil and gas company and it has more than a hundred petrol pumps in India. It is also one of the growing oil & gas company in India.

Due to fewer stations, you will find this petrol pump in very few location across the country.

6. Essar Oil

Essar Oil is well-know as Nayara Energy. It is an Indian based oil company that has more than 5,000 petrol pumps across the country.

So when your search for the nearest petrol pump, you’ll get some Essar oil petrol pumps.

Find Petrol Pump Near Your Location By Pincode

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