Find Best Hair Salon Near Me – Updated November 2022


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    How To Find Best Hair Salon Near Me

    1. Use Our Above Hair Salon Finder Tool

    If you are looking for the best and affordable hair salon, then you can do that with the help of our above mentioned tools. Our team has researched for your best service and given information about the best hair salon details in your location.

    2. Use Social Media Platform

    Social media can be a better option for finding a professional hair stylist and salons. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are great examples where you can find thousands of nearest hair salons and popular hair stylists. 

    3. Check Out Google and Other Review Website

    If you have followed all the above mentioned ways and still have not found any suitable hair salon or stylists for you, then you can take the help of websites like Google or some reviews based sites like Yelp and In all these websites, you will easily get to know about all the popular hair stylists and their salons along with the user experience reviews.

    Hair StylistInstagram HandleBooking or Website
    Kristin Ess@kristin_ess – 545k Followers
    Jen Atkin@jenatkinhair – 4.1m Followers
    Ahn Co Tran@anhcotran – 410k
    Kim Kimble@kimblehaircare – 509k Followers
    Mara Roszak@mararoszak – 80k Followers
    Andy Lecompte@andylecompte – 97k Followers
    Justine Marjan@justinemarjan – 435k
    Kiyah Wright@kiyahwright1 – 75k Followers
    Cash Lawless@cashlawlesshair – 51k Followers
    Scott Cunha@thescottycunha – 427k
    Adir Abergel@hairbyadir – 763k
    Harry Josh@harryjoshhair – 218k Followers
    Sam McKnight@SamMcKnight1 – 204k Followers
    Riawna Capri@riawna – 455k
    Mark Townsend@MarkTownsend1 – 78k Followers
    Lacy Redway@lacyredway – 107k
    Mara Roszak@mararoszak – 80k Followers
    Ted Gibson@tedgibson – 300k
    Ursula Stephen@ursulastephen – 113k Followers(347)-457-5834
    Tymothe Wallace@tymwallacehair – 81k
    Oscar James@oscarjameshair – 128k Followers
    Shani Crowe@crowezilla – 45k Followers
    Kendall Dorsey@kendalldorsey1 – 18k
    Chuck Amos@chuckielovehair – 32k Followers
    Larry Sims@larryjarahsims – 113k
    Tippi Shorter@tippishorter – 40k Followers
    Kahh Spence@kahhspence – 112k
    Felicia Leatherwood@lovingyourhair – 118k Followers
    Derek Jae@derekjhair – 360k
    Tokyo Stylez@tokyostylez – 1.5m Followers
    Kim Kimble@kimblehaircare – 509k
    Vernon François@vernonfrancois – 111k Followers
    Kiyah Wright@kiyahwright1 – 75k Followers
    Vernon Scott@byvernonscott – 11k Followers
    Johnny Wright@johnnywright220 – 48k Followers
    Nikki Nelms@nikkinelms – 84k
    Takisha Sturdivant-Drew@takishahair – 30k Followers
    Yusef Williams@yusefhairnyc – 135k Followers
    Stasha Harris@magicfingersstudio – 312k Followers
    Nai’vasha Johnson@naivashaintl– 27k
    José Eber@joseeberhair – 19k Followers
    Chris McMillan@mrchrismcmillan – 310k Followers
    Nick Arrojo@nickarrojo – 57k Followers
    Neal Farinah@nealfarinah – 177k
    Serge Normant@sergenormantatjohnfrieda – 12k Followers
    Tracey Cunningham@traceycunningham1 – 350k Followers

    Average Women’s Haircut Costs

    City/StateLow EndHigh EndAverage
    Birmingham, Alabama$35$55$45
    Anchorage, Alaska$35$58$47
    Phoenix, Arizona$18$90$54
    Little Rock, Arkansas$45$51$48
    Los Angeles, California$80$150$115
    Denver, Colorado$50$75$63
    Bridgeport, Connecticut$35$65$50
    Wilmington, Delaware$53$90$72
    Jacksonville, Florida$39$70$55
    Atlanta, Georgia$60$145$103
    Honolulu, Hawaii$55$110$83
    Boise, Idaho$31$45$38
    Chicago, Illinois$65$150$108
    Indianapolis, Indiana$35$85$60
    Des Moines, Iowa$45$75$60
    Wichita, Kansas$35$45$40
    Louisville, Kentucky$30$150$90
    New Orleans, Louisiana$40$75$58
    Portland, Maine$45$90$68
    Baltimore, Maryland$30$75$53
    Boston, Massachusetts$48$125$87
    Detroit, Michigan$30$85$58
    Minneapolis, Minnesota$50$150$100
    Jackson, Mississippi$37$110$74
    Kansas City, Missouri$35$90$63
    Billings, Montana$30$65$48
    Omaha, Nebraska$27$40$34
    Las Vegas, Nevada$40$85$63
    Manchester, New Hampshire$43$90$67
    Newark, New Jersey$30$65$48
    Albuquerque, New Mexico$35$55$45
    New York City, New York$75$250$163
    Charlotte, North Carolina$38$70$54
    Fargo, North Dakota$20$90$55
    Columbus, Ohio$25$100$63
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma$30$70$50
    Portland, Oregon$40$105$73
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$35$75$55
    Providence, Rhode Island$45$70$58
    Charleston, South Carolina$43$90$67
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota$29$45$37
    Nashville, Tennessee$30$170$100
    Houston, Texas$35$135$85
    Salt Lake City, Utah$40$75$58
    Burlington, Vermont$32$120$76
    Virginia Beach, Virginia$25$100$63
    Seattle, Washington$55$190$123
    Charleston, West Virginia$38$75$57
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin$31$55$43
    Cheyenne, Wyoming$30$60$45

    Average Men’s Haircut Costs

    City/StateLow EndHigh EndAverage
    Birmingham, Alabama$25$30$28
    Anchorage, Alaska$25$38$44
    Phoenix, Arizona$18$40$29
    Little Rock, Arkansas$25$31$56
    Los Angeles, California$45$60$53
    Denver, Colorado$30$40$35
    Bridgeport, Connecticut$20$41$31
    Wilmington, Delaware$30$65$48
    Jacksonville, Florida$37$60$49
    Atlanta, Georgia$35$60$48
    Honolulu, Hawaii$25$85$55
    Boise, Idaho$21$30$26
    Chicago, Illinois$40$65$53
    Indianapolis, Indiana$25$55$40
    Des Moines, Iowa$35$45$40
    Wichita, Kansas$28$30$29
    Louisville, Kentucky$25$80$53
    New Orleans, Louisiana$30$50$40
    Portland, Maine$35$50$43
    Baltimore, Maryland$20$60$40
    Boston, Massachusetts$30$60$45
    Detroit, Michigan$25$50$38
    Minneapolis, Minnesota$28$60$44
    Jackson, Mississippi$20$55$38
    Kansas City, Missouri$20$35$28
    Billings, Montana$20$40$30
    Omaha, Nebraska$15$35$25
    Las Vegas, Nevada$25$65$45
    Manchester, New Hampshire$22$40$31
    Newark, New Jersey$20$30$25
    Albuquerque, New Mexico$25$35$30
    New York City, New York$40$195$118
    Charlotte, North Carolina$28$50$39
    Fargo, North Dakota$17$50$34
    Columbus, Ohio$20$60$40
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma$18$45$32
    Portland, Oregon$25$55$40
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$25$38$32
    Providence, Rhode Island$20$50$35
    Charleston, South Carolina$28$55$42
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota$22$33$28
    Nashville, Tennessee$17$85$51
    Houston, Texas$20$85$53
    Salt Lake City, Utah$25$40$33
    Burlington, Vermont$20$65$43
    Virginia Beach, Virginia$15$55$35
    Seattle, Washington$30$90$60
    Charleston, West Virginia$22$35$29
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin$20$31$26
    Cheyenne, Wyoming$18$45$32