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Are you searching for the best escape room near me? Below, you can discover thousands of top-rated escape rooms across the country.

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    Below, we’ve prepared a table in which we researched more than 10 escape rooms in each city, and then we elected the number #1 escape room according to their popularity, positive reviews, pricing, and many more factors. We listed more than one U.S city’s name and if you’re not able to find your city below, then just click on the search icon and search your city name.

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    Best Nationwide Escape Room Company in the U.S.A

    1. Breakout Games

    Breakout Games is the U.S best and the #01 rated Escape Room, for an unforgettable and immersive 5-star experience. Each location of Breakout Games have has thrilling escape rooms with a variety of game themes that are perfect for having fun with your friends, family, or even a team-building exercise with your coworkers. This company is a leader in the escape room industry and you’ll experience the difference when you visit each location of Breakout Games.

    Breakout Games offers different varieties of games such as The Kidnapping, Mystery Mansion, Undercover Alley, Do Not Disturb, Museum Heist, and Operation Casino.

    Check out below table for Breakout games locations

    2. The Escape Game

    The Escape Game currently has 19 escape room location across the country. This is another very popular escape game company in America which have the best puzzles, most immersive environments and the best guest experience, but more important than even that, is having the safest entertainment experience anywhere.

    Their games provide a unique hands-on experience, designed for families, friends, couples, corporate groups, and anyone else looking for an elevated unplugged adventure. So check out the below table for the nearest The Escape Game locations and reviews.

    3. Escape The Room

    Escape The Room puts players in a real-life escape game where they must work together in a race against the clock to solve a series of increasingly challenging puzzles. This escape room company is perfect for team building, parties, and special events.

    It has more than 20 location across the country. We’ve listed all the locations details and their reviews of the person who experienced here. Check out the below table for more info about each location.

    3 Most Scariest Escape Room In The United States

    Escape rooms have hit a surge in popularity over the last 5 years. You get locked in rooms that are usually themed and you have a set amount of time to solve puzzles in order to escape. All rooms are interactive and some even include actors chasing after you even attempting to find you which is often why these rooms surpass haunted houses in popularity these days.

    3. Bates Motel Escape Room

    Bates Motel Escape Room

    As we all know Hitchcock’s 1960’s horror Pyscho is one of the scariest films ever made. And for those thrills seekers that would give an arm to spend a night in Bates Motel. Well, you can, to an extent. In West Chester, Pennsylvania you can partake in an escape room modeled after Bates Motel where that also infamous shower scene takes place. 

    Team members must navigate the Bates Manor, where gold is hidden somewhere in a safe. The Goal? Well, you must reach the safe before Mr. Bates returns which could be at any moment. Obviously, the story differs from the original film but the premise is just downright terrifying.

    Address: 540 E Union St, West Chester, PA 19382

    Phone: (610) 459-8065


    2. The 13th Gate

    The 13th Gate

    In Baton Rouge, Louisiana you can find the 13th Gate which contains six different escape rooms for guests to choose from. Each as spooky as the last. Most of the rooms play on the fears of being trapped against your will – making each room claustrophobic for the participants. 

    Each room takes 60 minutes to complete and some of the room options range from: being trapped in a dark room behind a closed door, searching for a long lost prisoner on death row, and trying to escape an insane aslym before enduring a frontal lobotomy.

    Address: 832 St Philip St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

    Phone: (225) 389-1313


    1. The 13th Floor

    The 13th Floor

    There seems to be a trend here. Found in Chicago – this escape room is in one of the city’s most haunted houses and offers up two equally sinister rooms. The Jack the Ripper Room and The Illusion Manner. The former — obviously — playing on the timeless fear of the London serial killer. Participants have an hour on the streets of London to stop the killer before he slays another victim.

    You will be taunted by Jack throughout as he brags that he will never be caught — and honestly — he’s not wrong. The Illusion Manner is more of a biblical escape room and play’s on the cultural fears of demons and the occult. Participants are put in a Victorian Mansion and are forced to prevent a demon from entering into the living world. 

    Address: 5050 River Rd, Schiller Park, IL 60176

    Phone: (708) 571-3326