10 Best Dog Trainers in Chicago - Updated December 2022

10 Best Dog Trainers in Chicago – Updated December 2022

Are you searching for dog training near me or a dog training school in Chicago? Check out these 10 best dog training which is picked by their popularity and overall best rating at Google.

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1. Found Training Center

Fabian is the founder and Director of Operations of Found Chicago Boarding & Training Center. From the last 12 years, he developed the training approach behind his company.

Fabian has more than 12 years of professional experience in rescue work, Obedience, and behavioral training.

Including Fabian, there are 4 more team members in Found Training Center and they’re also experts or specialists in dog training.

This Chicago based dog training company provides several types of services for their customers such as Training (group courses, private training, fit paws), board+Train (rehabilitation program, boot camp, puppy imprinting), daycare, boarding, and grooming.

2. Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort

Tucker Pup's Pet Resort and t=dog training center in Chicago

If you’re looking for all dog services in a single place then Tucker Pup’s would be an ideal choice for you. We will talk about their services later, let’s find out who is the owner of this business.

Tucker pups is a Chicago based dog training and grooming company which run by Jay and Jennifer Spainhour. This place is also known as Chicago’s leading provider of dog boarding, dog daycare, grooming, positive-reinforcement dog training, and retail items for puppies.

About 30-35 team members are employed in different services to take care of your dog. This is one of the highly rated and recommended places for Chicago dog owners.

3. Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center

Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center is located at 5400 N Damen Ave, Chicago. This place is an ideal choice for dog owners who looking for a daycare and dog fitness center in Chicago. Here all team members are pet experts and help you to solve any problem related to your pet.

Services offered by Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center are Dog Day Care, Local Delivery -Nutritional Counseling, Pet Adoptions, Self-Service Dog Wash, Dog Bakery, Dog Boarding, and Dog Training.

4. Downtown Dogs Chicago

Downtown Dogs Chicago training center

Downtown Dogs training is located at 2440 W Hubbard St, Chicago who spent years in perfecting their dog training system. This company uses a marker-based communication system to train your dog peacefully.

Downtown Dogs Chicago’s Dog Trainers works with both you and your dog to make a consistent and fluid communication system.

Services offered by this training company include basic obedience, potty training, Etiquette, socialization, board & train, private lessons, puppy preschool. For more information about their packages, contact them for a free consultation.

5. Canine Sports Dog Training

This is another perfect dog training company for Chicago dog owners. Canine Sport dog training company’s main goal is to provide a humane training approach that makes a strong bond between humans and dogs.

Team of Canine Sport consistently working on developing the tools and techniques that make a strong relationship based on trust and understanding. You can read the success stories and reviews about Canine Sport on their website.

Now let’s talk about different types of training services offered by Canine Sport dog training. Training services include such as Immersion training, day school, puppy headstart, online training, polishing class, agility class, and pack walks.

6. Anything Is Pawzible

Anything Is Pawzible dog training in Chicago

Rendy Schuchat is the founder and certified head trainer of Anything Is Pawzible which is located at 1330 W North Ave, Chicago. She always uses proven positive dog training methods that both dog and their owners will enjoy.

Anything Is Pawzible team has more than 25 years of experience in dog training and it is one of the only facilities in Chicago that dedicated to training only.

This dog training company’s goal is to provide positive reinforcement techniques for your pet that help to motivate your dog to learn quickly.

Anything Is Pawzible classes cost of 6 and 7-week courses are $220-$230 and 4-week courses are $165. Services offered by Anything Is Pawzible are group classes, private pawzibilities, and phone & virtual consultation.

7. Pawsitively Balanced Dog Training

This Chicago based Dog Training company offers modern, up-to-date, scientifically proven dog training methods. Here, the trainer will use positive reinforcement to train your dogs while they actively teach and educate you as the pet owner.

Dog training is all about making a connection and maintaining a relation between your dog and your family members. Pawsitively Balanced trainer work is to make a clear pattern of communication where your dog can understand the things and know how to respond.

The trainer of this company expert in training all types of puppies and dogs and will conduct all sessions in-home. Call them today by clicking the button down below to learn more about the training process for your dog.

8. Canine Perspective: Lakeview Office

Canine Perspective dog training in Chicago

Canine Perspective is founded by Jesse San Miguel who is Master Dog Trainer. He started this business as a private home to home dog training from 2012. Now his Chicago bases dog training gets popular and he trained many dogs till now.

The Canine Perspective is a perfect place if you’re looking for correcting aggression issues in your dogs of all sizes and breeds. Their customers refer to him as “The Chicago Dog Whisperer” because Jesse possesses a natural intuition.

Now let’s talk about their services. Canice Perspective offered several training services and other services as well such as behavior training, obedience training, board & train, dog aggression training, and puppy training. You can check the pricing table for its services.

9. Call Of The Wild School For Dogs

This is a Chicago based premier dog training center which is founded more than two decades ago by Jennifer Boznos. This is one of the industry-leading companies that are providing continue their training services to Chicago people.

Jennifer Boznos and their certified and experienced training team member helped 10,000+ owners to build their relationship with their pets.

Intensive training experience, group classes, private lessons, daily training, phone consultation, daycare & boarding are the services that are offering at Call Of The Wild School.

10. Pat’s K9 Training

Pat's K9 Training center for dog in Chicago

Pat’s K9 Training is another fantastic dog training company in Chicago which is located at 5704 S Kilbourn Ave, Chicago. Patrick is the founder & Head Behavior and Training Consultant at Pat’s K9 Training. He can easily solve the problems in dogs who have aggression, fear, or reactivity issues.

Patrick teaches dogs skills to choose such as calmness, eye contact, and focus with their owners vs barking, lunging, or cowering.

Puppy training/Basic Obedience, Advanced training, Protection training are the training programs that are offering at Pat’s K9 Training. So if you’re looking for these types of training programs for your dogs then it would be a perfect choice for you.

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