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Dog Groomers London: 10 Popular Dog Grooming in London, KY

Are you searching for dog groomers near me or in London city? Check out these 10 best and top-rated dog grooming services in London.

All these services are picked by their popularity and overall rating at Google. We independently research, test, and recommend all the services or products.

If you want to explore more dog groomers near your location or any location across the London area then enter the postal code of that area. After this action, you’ll be able to see the list of best dog groomers under that postal code.

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1. Purplebone Dog Shop & Dog Grooming

This is London’s best premier dog grooming spa parlor, providing several services that suit your dog requirements. Their highly trained, City and Societies qualified, award-winning London based dog groomers are engaged with respect to creature government assistance to convey the most ideal master quality help in a protected and loosening up condition.

Dog Grooming Price List of Purplebone

Click here for full details about pricing.

This pet grooming company offering many services such as.

  • Premium pampers package, puppy welcome grooming, full groom, COVID-19 Groom, Wash&Tidy, Handstrip, Blueberry Facial, Nail Package.
  • Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning, full groom+Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning, Wash&Tidy+Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning, Wash+Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning, Handstrip+Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning.

Purplebone Dog Shop & Dog Grooming has two locations in London.

  1. 95 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London W11 3JZ | Phone: 20 7985 0903
  2. 3a Hillgate St, Kensington, London W8 7SP | Phone: 20 7349 0262



2. Groom Dog City

  • Groom Dog City

Stuart Simons is the founder and proprietor of Groom Dog City. This is another highly recommended salon for dog grooming services in London.

Groom Dog City has highly professional and experienced dog groomers in London city. They all can groom all types of breed dogs and cats. People who groomed their pets here, they all recommend this place.

Groom Dog City pricing is categorized by dog breed. Below is the pricelist screenshot of Groom Dog City. Click here for full details about the pricing of Groom dog city.

Location: 9 Ravenscroft St, London E2 7SH

Phone: 20 3487 0698



3. Foxy Groomers Dog Spa

  • Foxy Groomers

London based Foxy Groomers Dog Spa provides safe animal handling, moral cleanser sourcing, organic treatments, and hand drying methods through styling, scissoring, and clipping to breed standards or simply your desired style.

This is another highly recommended pet grooming salon in London. Foxy Groomers offering several grooming services such as complete dog groom, puppy grooming, dog bathing & drying, de-matting & coat maintenance, and dog hand stripping.

If you want to know about the pricing of their dog grooming services, then you have to contact them in the salon or by calling.

Location: 138 Crouch Hill, Crouch End, London N8 9DX

Phone: 20 3876 1155


4. BOW-WOW London Dog Grooming

  • BOW WOW London Dog Grooming

It provides a professional dog grooming service by the top-rated dog groomers in the heart of Central London. Bow-Wow London groomers are fully experienced and able to provide varieties of services.

whether your pet needs a wash or a nail trim or a full groom, they are on hand to provide a superb service in their spacious and relaxing salon.

Below are the services that are offered by Bow-Wow London Dog Grooming.

  • The full bow-wow experience: Including 2 x wash, Styling, cut or hand stripping, nail trim, ear cleaning.
  • The bow-wow express: 2 X Wash, Styling, General Tidying, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning.
  • Wash and Go: 2 X Wash, Drying, Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning.

Prices for each service in Bow-Wow are determined by breed type, condition of coat, and temperament. So you have to call them detailed pricing.

Location: 17 Little Russell St, Holborn, London WC1A 2HL

Phone: 20 7018 4329



5. Canine Hairline Dog Grooming

  • Canine Hairline Dog Grooming

If you want your dog professionally groomed, reach out at Canine Hairline for the complete dog grooming service. They offer their services to dog owners within a 5-mile radius of Streatham and Tooting and surrounding areas. 

Canine Hairline providing has more than 20 years of experience and it gives a full service at highly competitive rates. Canine Hairline is recommended by many local vets. So it would be an ideal choice if you’re looking for dog groomers near me or in London.

Services offered by Canine Hairline are Clipping and trimming, Bathing, Hand stripping, Nail clipping, Dog’s ears cleaned, Dog’s ears cleaned, Dog’s anal glands expressed

Dog washing and grooming price at Canine Hairline

  • Cocker spaniel – £35.00
  • Springer spaniel – £40.00
  • Bichon frisé – £35.00
  • Labradoodle – £45.00
  • Cockapoo – £35.00
  • Maltese – £30.00
  • Snoozer – £30.00
  • Yorkshire terrier – £25.00
  • West Highland terrier – £30.00
  • King Charles spaniel – £30.00
  • Shih Tzu – £30.00

Note: Breed Varieties and condition of your dog, prices may vary slightly.

Location: 78 Norfolk House Rd, Streatham, London SW16 1JH

Phone: 20 8769 8602



6. Just Barking Dog Grooming and Pet Boutique

  • Just Barking Dog Grooming and Pet Boutique inside

If you’re looking for professional dog groomers in London then Just Barking is the perfect company for you as well as your pet.

Just Barking is located at 116 Chamberlayne Rd, Kensal Green, London, and providing several pet grooming services in its London based salon.

Its qualifications for dog grooming include the International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG UK) as well as City & Guilds.

Services offered by Just Barking are grooming, skincare, dog walking, and dental care. Pricing for each service is selected by size and breed of your dog and the condition of the coat and general temperament.

To book an appointment for any services here, you have to make a call at below contact details.

Location: 116 Chamberlayne Rd, Kensal Green, London NW10 3JP

Phone: 20 8964 3231



7. D-O-G Grooming Studio

  • D-O-G Grooming Studio london

D-O-G Grooming Studio has an excellent team of fully experienced and qualified City and Guild’s dog groomers and carers in London. They have over 20 years of combined experience and offer the very highest standards.

Services offered by Dog Grooming Studio are Full Groom (£55), Full Groom with Hand Stripping (£65), Bath and Brush Out(£35), Nail Clipping (£10), Teeth Cleaning (£15), Face and Feet tidy inc. Nails (£20), De-matting (£20), and Wash and Go (£25).

Location: 204 Trinity Rd, London SW17 7HP

Phone: 20 8767 5616



8. The Loyalty Groomers

  • The Loyalty Groomers

Here, you will get all-natural & holistic shampoos and conditioners containing no perfumes, dyes, salt, or detergents. The loyalty Groomers commit you to provide the best possible care & best grooming experience to your dog.

The Loyalty Groomers also offer home visit grooming service. They’ll bring all equipment and they only need is electricity and a bright area or light in your place.

Services that are offered by London based The Loyalty Groomers are Dog grooming, cat grooming, dog daycare, and dog boarding. Check this page for detailed information about each service pricing of The Loyalty Groomers,

Location: Avon Villa, 2A Shakespeare Rd, Brixton, London SE24 0LB

Phone: 7415 882375



9. Green Room Dog Grooming

  • animal shelter near me

This is another the best great dog grooming salon at nearby Leytonstone, London area. Green Room Dog Grooming was founded in 2016 by Ann. She completed an intensive course and gained Level 3 City and Guilds Certificate.

She uses high-quality shampoos, scissors, blades, and other products that are recommended by local vets. Her equipment is high quality and she uses natural and cruelty-free products for grooming.

Green Room Dog Grooming offers a full range of dog grooming services such as full groom, nail clipping, hand stripping, etc. For other services, you have to make a request. And for pricing, you have to make contact by clicking on the below number or by sending an email.

Location: 21 Maple Rd, Leytonstone, London E11 1NB

Phone: 7877 720771



10. Oh So Hairy (Mobile Dog Grooming)

  • Oh So Hairy Dog Grooming london

If you’re searching for a mobile dog groomers near me or in London city then Oh So Hairy Dog Grooming would be your ideal choice. Lucy is the founder of this company and she is a City and guilds Level 3 Qualified dog groomer in London.

Lucy is trained at one of the top grooming schools in London and many vets recommend her to dog owners for grooming their pets.

Service areas are very important to know for any mobile dog grooming company. Oh So Hairy mobile dog grooming company is based in the South London area of Crystal Palace. Please see the service areas page for the list of areas that she covers.

Services offered by this company are puppy groom(£35), bath and dry(£40-£50), the full groom(£40-£60), hand stripping(£60), and some additional services. Check their services page for detailed information about its services and pricing.

Phone: 7754 987171



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