Discussion About Legal Things in Dubai

We can discuss the legal profession regulations in the UAE. Education, certifications required, practical bar license, practical experience, exposure, passion to work, all can be discussed here. The Non-disclosure agreements with the law firms between law firms and the clients, the fee structures, contingency fee, the role of Diwan Courts, all can be discussed here. Non-disclosure must be signed between two parties. Fee structure must also be discussed first. There should be no confusion between two parties in this regard.

We all know that Law is federal in UAE, equally applied in each and every Emirate of UAE. Few things will be changed like Fee etc but almost the Law is equally applied. Licenses for Free Zones are different from licenses for MainLand Companies, therefore the structure of going legal is a little different. A Main Land company’s complaint is directly lodged in MOHRE where the Court referral order is issued too. 

Complaint of a Free Zone company is lodged initially to Free Zone authority where the court referral paper is issued by MOHRE once the free zone authority directs the matter as final and not to be resolved, to MOHRE. Lawyers in Dubai by Emirati Law Firms in Dubai can also be hired if the reader wants to grab the advice as per the Free Zone in Dubai like Dafza, Jafza, Silicon Oasis, DMCC etc. DIFC have their own rules. Similarly, ADGM in ABU DHABI have their own rules. Advocates in Dubai and Lawyers in Abu Dhabi can explain better in this regard

Just the practicing Lawyers (Emirati Lawyers) as per the definition of Lawyer in UAE, is allowed to offer the legal services to those who are looking for the legal companies. While legal consultants cannot enter in to the field of a Lawyer and can only be limited to; 

  • Offering the advice
  • Helping on understanding the case and solution 
  • Explaining the judgements 
  • Drafting and checking the documents 
  • Legal help outside the court 

Arbitration is different from Court. Arbitrators take the decisions and refer to the Court. The decisions are not changed taken in Arbitration by the Arbitrators. The Fee of this arbitration process needs to be paid as well as the service fee of arbitrators. The fee in Court is also paid post-arbitration. The difference is the judgment comes quickly post-arbitration decision. 

DIFC Law Firms also have to be licensed inside the DIFC Free Zones. DIFC Law is different therefore the experts are called DIFC Lawyers, DIFC Legal Consultants and the DIFC Law Firms. Local Agent needs to be hired to finish this process as per the rules. Economic Department is concerned for getting the license. 

A UAE National Lawyer must be 21 years of the age. A UAE National also has to be engaged with 1 years of practical work. Yes, only UAE Nationals are allowed to open a sole proprietor Law Firm and only the UAE National can be reached to level of Advocacy and known as Advocates. 

Dubai Government Legal Department, has the right to stop the area where a lawyer has to or wants to practice. When Dubai Lawyer has to appear in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah courts, then he has to obtain the license to appear in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Courts separately.  

Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants: 

Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants, are considered the best due to several reasons. They are considered the best due to multiple reasons of quality and professionalism. The few qualities can be described as follows; 

  • Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants are well educated.
  • Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants are gentleman.
  • Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants having good reputation of serving the clients in UAE.
  • Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants, are the experts allowed to open the sole proprietor law firm, therefore they are the most responsible persons and they are the one who have to provide the representation. Therefore, they are the best in town to serve and handle the Court Litigation.    
  • Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants have proved their worth in last few decades. 
  • Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants are not just the locals, they are the best legal experts of UAE as well.
  • Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants have proved their worth and status several times better than other Advocates and Legal Consultants.

When the Clients have to hire the lawyers or the professional company to get the legal services then Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants must be the first priority. Few traits mentioned above are those which are the key traits. The complete professional figure and the height of these Advocates is quite taller in height. We can still understand this one example. 

A person is terminated on false ground or valid grounds, he does not know. He visits these Lawyers and Legal Consultants, and want to get the professional legal advice. These lawyers will provide a clear answer to this person about the termination. They will answer you as;

  • Whether the termination has been false or valid. 
  • Does the person deserve any compensation.
  • If yes then for how many months.
  • They will also advice about other things like gratuity, chances of success and chances of recoveries. 
  • They will not waste the time of client. 

Just to win a case is not the real deal. Lawyer has to convey the reality and the point where client is standing. Lawyer has to tell him/her about the chances of success and consequences. That is why the Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants are well admired in UAE because they offer the services with honesty. 

The procedure to hire such Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants is not quite difficult. We must have to adopt the positive approach while hiring the lawyers. It all saves the lawyers from regret and inconvenience as well. UAE Legal Counsel also gives rights to clients to take a legal action against the lawyers. 

Justice is made sure in UAE. The justice providers are also held accountable if they are found guilty. When they are found guilty then they can also be punished or given the fine.