Cracker Barrel Meatloaf Recipe

Are you looking for the best possible Cracker Barrel recipe for meatloaf? This meatloaf is exactly what you need at this time! With this easy-to-follow recipe, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the delicious food at Cracker Barrel. This recipe is not only incredibly delicious, but it also requires very little effort to put together. Because the preparation takes only 15 minutes, you will be able to have supper on the table in virtually no time at all.

The straightforward and somewhat sugary glaze that is spread on top of this meatloaf is the ideal accompaniment to the flavorful contents. Ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce are the four components that make up this flavorful but straightforward sauce.

The bits of green pepper is an excellent way to give the meatloaf a jolt of flavor without overpowering the meatloaf’s many other wonderful characteristics.

These are the Ingredients for Meatloaf

  1. Ground Beef (It should be 80-85% lean and 15% fat)
  2. Onion
  3. Bell pepper
  4. Ritz crackers
  5. Sharp cheddar cheese
  6. Eggs
  7. Milk
  8. Salt
  9. Black pepper

For Topping Ingredients

  • Ketchup
  • Brown sugar
  • Mustard
  • Worcestershire Sauce

Cracker Barrel Meatloaf Recipe

Cracker Barrel Meatloaf Recipe

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Enjoy a meal from Cracker Barrel without having to leave the comfort of your own home. This imitation of Cracker Barrel’s meatloaf is a step up from the original in terms of quality. Contains ground beef, onions, bell peppers, Ritz crackers, cheddar cheese, and a sweet and savory glaze; also includes bell peppers and onions.


  • 0.25 tablespoon olive oil

  • 0.25 cup yellow onion

  • 0.25 cup bell pepper

  • 1 pound 80% lean ground beef

  • 0.5 cup crushed Ritz crackers

  • 1 egg

  • 0.5 cups sharp cheddar cheese

  • 0.25 cups whole milk

  • 0.5 tsp. salt

  • 0.13 tsp. black pepper


  • Prepare now to bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sauté the peppers and onions in a small skillet with the olive oil for about five minutes, or until the peppers and onions have softened. The flavor and consistency are both improved as a result of this. Put it away, and wait for it to come back to room temperature.
  • In a large bowl, the following ingredients were mixed together: eggs, crackers, onions, peppers, cheese, milk, salt, and pepper.
  • To ensure that it is distributed evenly throughout the dish, thoroughly combine the ground beef. To ensure that the meat is soft, take care not to overcook it.
  • Form the mixture into a loaf, and then place it in a loaf pan. You run the risk of your bread turning out crumbly and unusable if you don’t use a loaf pan. The amount of time spent cooking is substantially increased, which results in a drier end product.
  • To bake, set oven timer for 30 minutes.
  • While it bakes, prepare the topping by mixing all of the ingredients together and setting them aside.
  • Remove the meatloaf from the baking dish and then cover it with the topping. Bake for an additional 30–40 minutes after adding this time. (Take it out of the oven when the temperature on the inside reaches 155 degrees.)
  • After placing it in the loaf pan, you should wait 15 minutes before cutting into it. During this time, there will be a spike in the temperature of between 8 and 10 degrees. In addition, you will miss out on all of the fluids if you cut into it too quickly. Before you cut it, be sure the temperature in the center has reached 160 degrees.
  • Add a mountain of mashed potatoes to the dish, and then dig in!

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  • I blend ground beef, pork, and veal to make meatballs. A prepackaged meat combination is perfect for meatloaf and meatballs. Ask whether your supermarket sells it. Juicy meat results.
  • Some people spread the meatloaf on new bread to mop up extra fat.
  • After removing the bread from this pan, the grease drains effortlessly.
  • Higher altitude increases meatloaf baking time by 15–20 minutes. Try my fast recipe for mini meatloaves.
  • Serve with mashed potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, and roasted green beans.

Exactly What Kind of Meat Is Ideal for the Cracker Barrel Meatloaf?

The absence of moisture in meatloaf is a common complaint that people have. One of the most prominent reasons for this is the usage of leaner cuts of meat. The recommended proportion of lean ground beef for a succulent and soft meatloaf is between 80 and 85 percent.

Utilizing a combination of ground beef and ground pork in your loaf is another way to improve both its flavor and its consistency. Sausage is an additional mouthwatering option available.

Meatloaf Accompaniments

  1. The velvety smoothness of mashed potatoes is the perfect complement to the meatloaf’s robust taste. Combining these two aspects is a lot like putting together a well-known and enduring classic.
  2. Macaroni and cheese will always be my go-to comfort food choice. Two of the most well-liked and nutrient-dense foods of all time are brought together on this single platter. The cheese is a wonderful addition that brings out the flavor of the glaze.
  3. A dash of color can be added to your dinner dish with the help of glazed roasted carrots. Corn, which is a hearty type of vegetable, pairs exceptionally well with meatloaf.
  4. It seems that fried okra is acceptable to eat. There’s a chance that it’s not in your best interest. On the other hand, this is one of my favorite side dishes from Cracker Barrel. It’s the perfect complement to almost anything I cook. Fried okra is a tried-and-true meal that almost never disappoints its audience.
  5. Bread is an essential component of each meal, and no plate of food would be complete without biscuits.

You are free to make the condiments exactly how you want them for any occasion. Those who are interested in increasing the vegetable content have a number of options available to them, including green beans, asparagus, broccoli, and a nice side salad.

The Meatloaf was frozen, so I assume it was okay.

Of course, you can! It’s simple to put the meatloaf in the freezer. You may simply double the recipe to ensure you have sufficient food for a few weeks worth of meals.

Please be patient as it returns to room temperature. After that, wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in a Ziploc bag to keep it fresh. The shelf life after the storage is up to three months.

Cracker Barrel Meatloaf Recipe

When you are ready to serve it, spread some additional sauce on top of it and bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty to thirty minutes, or until it is hot.

Alternately, if you are as lazy as I am, you may thaw it in the refrigerator (or on the counter, if you like) and then heat it in the microwave.

Some Interesting Information About Cracker Barrel

Lebanon, Tennessee is the location of the very first Cracker Barrel restaurant, which was opened there by Dan Evins in the year 1969.

Since that time, they have grown significantly beyond their initial form. In addition to its all-you-can-eat biscuits and tabletop peg games, this establishment is famous for its rocking chairs, vintage candies, and games.

In addition, the dining room is decked out in antiques that have been brought back from the turn of the century and were all designed with the history of the area in mind. You are not permitted to reproduce this.

Even more astounding is the fact that Cracker Barrel currently possesses more than one hundred thousand antiques.