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7 Best and Top-Rated Chiropractor in Manchester

Are you looking for the best chiropractor near me or in Manchester city? Check out these 7 best and top-rated chiropractic clinics. All these Chiropractors are picked by their popularity and overall rating at Google.

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1. Dr. Mo

If you’re looking most popular and top-rated Chiropractor in Manchester city then this Chiropractic clinic is would be your first choice which is located at 45 Barcicroft Rd, Manchester. Also, Dr. Mo Chiropractic clinic is a member of the statutory body the General Chiropractic Council, and the Scottish Chiropractic Association. 

Dr. Abdul H S Mohammed is a healthcare professional and accredited chiropractic qualification who holds a master’s level. He uses chiropractic and functional medicine (FM) in their Manchester based clinic.

Dr. Mo had privileged to treated team GB athletes as well as members of the Saudi Royal family, and many popular TV personalities. Also, he is a regular speaker on nutrition and posture to the public members.

So Dr. Mo is a popular and recommended chiropractor in Manchester city of the United Kingdom. Treatment services offered by Dr. Mo are chiropractic and functional medicines.

Location:  45 Barcicroft Rd, Manchester M19 1WF

Phone: 7804 502121


2. Deansgate Chiropractors

This is another a great alternative if you’re looking for the best, popular, and experienced chiropractor in Manchester city of the U.K. In this chiropractic clinic, they use several effective adjusting approaches that make better spinal biomechanics and decrease nervous system interference.

The adjusting techniques used by Deansgate Chiropractors are SOT(Sacro Occipital Technique), Activator Methods, Rehabilitation, and exercise advice. This clinic is associated with many community services organizations such as The British Chiropractic Association and The General Chiropractic Council.

Below are the fees and plans of the Deansgate Chiropractors clinic.

Consultation – Includes Case History, Physical Examination and Chiropractic Examination (except treatment)£50
8 treatments of SMT£270
12 treatments of SMT£350
24 Treatments of SMT£600
Follow up treatments of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT)£50
Radiological Exam 1 series – sectional£50
2 series – sectional£95
Copy of Medical Notes£50
Copy of Xrays£50
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  • Deansgate Chiropractors, 82 King St Manchester, M2 4WQ
  • Hale and Altrincham Chiropractors 2 Crescent Road Hale, Altrincham WA15 9NA

Phone: 0161 935 8216


3. Salford Chiropractic Clinic

If you’re looking for a Chiropractor or Chiropractic clinic in Salford or a nearby location of Manchester, then this would be an ideal choice for you. Services like Chiropractor, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture are available to you at an affordable price in this clinic.

ChiropracticMassage Therapy
SciaticaSports Massage
MigrainesPregnancy Massage
Neck and Joint PainDry Cupping
Backache & HeadacheSoft Tissue Massage
Shoulder IssueDeep Tissue Massage
Sport InjuriesSwedish Massage

If we talk about the Chiropractors of Salford Chiropractic Clinic then each chiropractor is well qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the WIO and completed a four-year degree program. You can read all the chiropractor’s details here.

New patient fees Detail at Salford Chiropractic Clinic.

  • Initial Consultation (Including First Treatment): £50 (1.30 Hour)
  • Follow up Treatment: £40 (1 Hour)

Location: St James House, 8th Floor, Suite D, Pendleton Way, Salford M6 5FW

Phone: 161 736 9855



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4. Chiropractic Health Centres

Dr. Andrew Jackson is the owner and Chiropractor of his Manchester-based Chiropractic Health Centres clinic. His additional accreditations is a post-doctorate diplomate in functional neurology.

So if you’re searching for an experienced and professional chiropractor or neurologist, then Dr. Andrew Jackson would be a great alternative for you. Also, this clinic offers free and informative health talks regularly that you and your family can attend.

At Functional Chiropractic Clinic, Chiropractor helping those who have chronic spinal pain, hip and shoulder pain, trapped nerves, sciatica, headaches, and migraines, dizziness.

Location: 466 Didsbury Rd, Heaton Mersey, Stockport SK4 3BS

Phone: 161 432 6708


5. Davies Chiropractic Care

This is an award-winning chiropractic clinic which is located at Heaton Moor, Stockport. By the way, chiropractic treatment is a primary health care profession of this clinic but they also offer other treatment services.

If we talk about team member of this Manchester-based clinic, each chiropractor is highly professional, trained, and experienced. You can read more about each team member here.

Pain relief treatment services offered by Davies Chiropractic Care are chiropractic treatment, selective functional movement assessment, dry-needling treatment, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, soft tissue therapy, sports, and deep tissue massage.

In this clinic, the initial consultation is taken virtually. So if you want to know more information about this Chiropractic Clinic fee, then visit this page. There they explained in detail the fees of each service.


  • Davies Chiropractic Care, 180A Heaton Moor Rd, Heaton Moor, Stockport SK4 4DU
  • DCC CORE @ M Squared Fitness, Leestone Road, Sharston, Manchester, M22 4RN | Phone: 0161 879 7701



6. Freedom Care Clinics

This is another great option if you’re looking for the best chiropractor or chiropractic clinic in Manchester city of the United Kingdom. Freedom Care Clinic has two locations, one in Manchester and the second one in Leeds.

Conditions that treated by Freedom Care Clinic include Lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, sciatica pain, spinal pain, and many more. You can visit its official website if you want to know more information about it.

Here, patients will get several treatment services including chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, and many more.

There are several reasons why this clinic became famous in the city of Manchester, such as

  • Each chiropractor of Manchester and Leeds clinic are professional, experienced and registered with the several relevant regulatory bodies.
  • Both locations are convenient for everyone and their operating timing are early morning and late evening.
  • With a free consultation, all prices are affordable and its practitioners are covered by most of the Insurance providers.

Location: At Same Day Doctor Fabric Building, 28 Queen St, Manchester M2 5HX

Phone: 161 503 5656


7. Gonstead Family Chiropractic Clinic

The Gonstead Family Chiropractic was first founded in 2003. It has two locations, the original clinic is situated at 20 St Ann’s Square, Manchester which is easily accessible to a short walk from Deansgate.

Dr. Graeme Massey is the chiropractor at Gonstead Family Chiropractic Clinic, Manchester. He holds the degree of graduate from the AECC with a second BSc (Hons) in Chiropractic Sciences and an MSc in Chiropractic.

Conditions that treated by Gonstead Family Chiropractic clinic are Lower Back Pain And Sciatica, Disc problems, Osteoarthritis, and Whiplash. Visit this page for more information about what condition they treat to their patients.

Prices are affordable for all patients. Check out this page for detailed information about its prices.

Location: 3rd floor, 20 St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7HG

Phone: 161 833 0202


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What Is The Back Pain Breakthrough?

The Back Pain Breakthrough is the #1 Doctor approved and doctor created solution for people who suffer from low back pain and sciatica.Back Pain Coach chiropractor

This 900-year-old ritual ‘cures’ low back pain in as little as 32 seconds

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