Are you searching for the best chiropractor near me or in Los Angeles? Check out these 8 best chiropractic clinics in LA which is highly-rated and popular all across the city. All these 8 chiropractic care centers are selected by its popularity and best rating at Google.

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1. The LA Chiropractor

Google Rating (5.0/5)
Yelp Rating (5.0/5)

The LA Chiropractor los angeles

The LA Chiropractor is one of the popular and highly rated chiropractic clinics in Los Angeles. With having a convenient location, this clinic has primarily focused on improving the health of each patient.

This Los Angeles based clinic provides a wide range of advanced chiropractic care to its patients who’re suffering from back & neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries, and car accidents

This clinic provider Dr. Shamoiel and Dr, Lewis both are fully qualified, experienced, and expert in the chiropractic field and they’re providing traditional, effective, and alternative treatment processes using a proactive approach to care.

So if you’re searching for the best chiropractor near me or in Los Angeles city, it will be your fantastic choice. Visit its website or contact them at the below details if you want to know more information about their treatment process, fees, and many more.

Providers: Dr. Ben Shamoiel and Dr. Lisel Lewis

Experience: 20+ Years in Business

Services: Back & Neck Pain, Migraine, Sciatica, Car Accident, Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy, Spinal Decompression

Location: 2080 Century Park E #1503, Los Angeles

Phone: (310) 478-7775



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2. The Chiro Guy

Google Rating (4.9/5)
Yelp Rating (5.0/5)

The Chiro Guy los angeles chiropractor

The Chiro Guy is another great alternative if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Los Angeles. This clinic is the highest-ranking achievement in the city of Los Angeles from the last 6 consecutive years. This chiropractic clinic is located at 5455 Wilshire Blvd #102 in LA and serving their services for many years.

Each health team member of The Chiro Guy is an expert in their field. Everyone is completely qualified, experienced, and has many years of experience. So you don’t have to worry about the health team member of this clinic.

Services that are offered by The Chiro Guy are chiropractic care, pilates, cryotherapy, cupping, massage & cold laser therapy, etc. Check out this page for more information about the details of its services. If you want to know more about its services and the detail of their fees then contact them at the below details.

Providers: Dr. Ash Khodabakhsh, DC (chiropractor), Ashley Stephens (fitness and wellness consultant), Akiko (fitness and spinning), Jordan Vega (Physical Therapist), Dr. Fred Ragsdale, DACM, L.Ac. (Acupuncturist) (Click Here to Know More About Them)

Services: Chiropractic Care, Pilates, Assisted Strecthing, Chiropractic House Calls, Normatec, Crytheraphy, Cupping, Massage Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, etc.

Location: 5455 Wilshire Blvd #102, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: (323) 287-5323


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3. SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center

Google Rating (4.8/5)
Yelp Rating (5/5)

Los Angeles Chiropractic

If you are getting pan in the neck or back and you are looking for a Chiropractor, then this clinic can be a great option for you. Socalbackdoctor is popular for providing effective treatment for neck and back pain.

Socalbackdoctor applies very advanced techniques and processes to treat their patient’s pain. It’s all services including electrical stimulation, acupuncture, cervical traction, etc are effective. Also, each health team member of Socalbackdoctor has an excellent amount of experience and qualification.

Most people select the Socalbackdoctor clinic for their back or neck pain treatment. The reason behind this is here they accept most PPO Insurance and some HMO Insurance (including Kaiser) for chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy treatment services.

Doctors: Marvin C. Lee, D.C., J.D. (Director), Dr. Jinhur Lee, LAc

Providers: Washington Flowers, CMT (Massage Therapist, Nairy Kurchian, CMT (Massage Thrapist), Michelle Alvarez, CMT (Massage Therapist), Maria Ayala, (Patient Liason Coordinator), Mario Larios (Chiropractic Assistant), Jennifer Menjivar, Jae Houston, CMT (Massage Therapist), Kathy Herrera (Medical Assistant)

Location: 1625 W Olympic Blvd m103, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Phone: (323) 484-5089

Hour: Mon (8:00 am – 4:00 pm), Tue (10:00 am – 7:00 pm), Thu (9:00 am – 6:00 pm), Fri (8:00 am – 1:00 pm), Wed, Sat & Sun (Closed)



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4. Dr. Steven Becker

Google Rating (5.0/5)
Yelp Rating (5.0/5)

Dr Steven Becker los angeles chiropractor

Dr. Steven Becker is counted as one of the best chiropractors and its chiropractic clinic is located at 1180 S Beverly Dr #403, Los Angeles. He primarily focuses on offering quality and effective chiropractic care to get rid of pain and allow its patients to return to their daily activities ASAP.

He has an excellent level of experience and qualification in chiropractic care. As being a Los Angeles chiropractor, he can help you to treat everything from sciatica and neck pain to headaches, tailbone pain, herniated discs, sports injuries, whiplash, TMJ pain, and more.

If you want to inquire more about its services or condition that he treats or fees-related questions, kindly visit its official site or contact them through below contact details.

Providers: Dr. Steven Becker

Experience: 30+ in Business

Conditions Treatment: Sciatica, Back & Neck Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Headache, Radicular Pain, Tailbone Pain, Whiplash, Work Injury, etc.

Location: 1180 S Beverly Dr #403, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Phone: (310) 277-8822

Hour: Mon -Fri (9 am – 5 pm), Sat & Sun (Closed)



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5. Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center

Google Rating (4.8/5)
Yelp Rating (5.0/5)

Live Well Chiropractic and Pilates Center –Los Angeles, CA

This another great option if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Los Angeles for pilates or chiropractic care services. In this clinic, they’ve each dedicated health team and each team member is excellent in their field.

Services that are offered by this health care center are chiropractic care, pilates, soft tissue therapy, and acupuncture. For the treatment of each service, they’re offering a specific treatment plan that can tremendously help you resolve problems related to your joints, muscles, and nerves.

Before visiting its clinic, check all the details about their services, team members, fees, etc in their official website. You can also call them if you want to do more inquiries.

Providers: Dr. Matthew Gloin, D.C, Dr. Allen Bonilla, D.C, Dr. Jessica Lemus, D.C, Leda Lum (Pilates Instructor), Jason Goldberg (Pilates Instructor), Stephanie Spanski (Pilates Instructor), Arnold Moran (Deep Tissue Therapist), Gustavo Saccumano (Deeps Tissue Therapist) [Click Here To Know About Them]

Services: Chiropractic Care, Pilates, Soft Tissue Therapy/Stretching Session, Acupuncture, etc.

Location: 5553 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Hour: Mon-Fri (9:00 am – 7:00 pm), Sat (8:00 am – 4:00 pm), Sun (Closed)

Phone: (323) 930-9355



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6. Halo Chiropractic

Google Rating (4.8/5)
Yelp Rating (5/5)

This clinic would be another excellent alternative if you’re looking for the best chiropractor in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Yes, it is located at La Brea Ave #300, Hollywood of Los Angeles and It is the only Chiropractic Clinic that provides you the best Chiropractic Care service in Hollywood and nearby areas.

Dr. Iris Williams is a chiropractor in this clinic and she graduated with her Doctorate from the Chiropractic program at Life University. She has excellent talent and experience in chiropractic care and can treat chiropractic-related problems.

Halo Chiropractic currently offering these services such as adjustment, massage therapy, education workshop, community outreaching, and many more. Visit its website or clinic to know more about fees and other services information.

Providers: Dr. Iris (Adjustments Sound Bath), Autumn (Front Desk), Kara (Massage Therapy), Pook (Acupuncture), Alison (Energy Healing).

Services: Chiropractic, Message Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Sound Bath

Location: 1551 N La Brea Ave #300, Hollywood, CA 90028

Phone: (323) 874-2225


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7. West Los Angeles Chiropractic

Google Rating (4.7/5)
Yelp Rating (4.5/5)

West Los Angeles Chiropractic and Chiropractor ™

The West Los Angeles Chiropractic is situated at W Olympic Blvd #165, Los Angeles and its doctor works with the spine and nervous system.

Dr. Michael C is the chiropractor at this clinic and completed its Radiology, Postgraduate Honors. Its clinic is completely dedicated to analyzing, locating, and removing the Subluxation with the help of gentle chiropractic care.

Below is an image of services that are offered by West Los Angeles Chiropractic.

West Los Angeles Chiropractic services

To know more information about its clinic, treatment process, fees, and many other inquiries then visit its clinic or call them at below contact details.

Provider: Dr. Michael C. Karr, D.C. Radiology, Postgraduate Honors (Click Here To Know About Him)

Location: 11340 W Olympic Blvd #165, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: (310) 914-9400


User Experience (Reviews) on West Los Angeles Chiropractic

8. The Good Chiropractor

Google Rating (3.8/5)
Yelp Rating (4,5/5)

The Good Chiropractor

The Good Chiropractor is also a very popular chiropractic care center and it is located at Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles. So if you’re looking for the best chiropractor in this area or nearby then it would be another great choice for you.

Dr. KenGee Ehrlich is a very famous, qualified, and experienced chiropractor in Los Angeles. He also worked with many athletes from different areas of sports. In this clinic, the health team applies non-invasive and research-based techniques.

The Good Chiropractor offers patients comprehensive services that get results. Services that they provide are chiropractic manual adjustments, in-house X-rays, corrective exercises, therapeutic spinal conditioning, nutritional counseling, prenatal, pediatric chiropractic care.

Provider: Dr. KenGee Ehrlich

Location: 11945 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: (310) 479-1166


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9. BodyPro Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

Google Rating (5.0/5)
Yelp Rating (5.0/5)

If you’re living in Santa Monica or in a nearby area then BodyPro Chiropractic would be a great option for you. Dr. Noor is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a retired EMT. He specializes in the recovery of sports injuries – Preventative injuries – Pre and Post-surgery physiotherapy.

The team of this chiropractic clinic is experienced in treating professional and Olympic athletes. Providers of this clinic customize their treatments to match the needs and comfort of their patients. All of their applications and therapies are supported by credible research. You’ll get treatment from not just a chiropractor but an EMT and strength coach.

So if you’re suffering any type of pain or injuries then visit here. BodyPro Chiropractic is located on the beautiful Santa Monica Boulevard. Dr. Arash Noor and the team at BodyPro Chiropractic and Sports Medicine are experienced at handling injuries big and small.

Providers: Dr. Arash Noor (Chiropractor), Robert Torres (Soft Tissue Therapy), Shantel Kahrobaee (Office Manager), Dr. Arani (Chiropractor & Physical Therapy) [Click Here To Know More About Them]

Address: 12304 Santa Monica Blvd # 322, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: (310) 207-2020

Hour: Mon, Tue & Thu (9 am – 1 pm, 3 pm – 6 pm), Wed & Fri (9 am – 12 pm), Sat & Sun (By Appointment Only)


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10. Downtown Live Chiropractic

Google Rating (5.0/5)
Yelp Rating (5.0/5)

Downtown Live Chiropractic is another very popular clinic across LA. This clinic is situated at 714 W Olympic Blvd Suite # 1001, Los Angeles. Dr. Levon is the Chiropractor here and is the director of this clinic. This Los Angeles-based chiropractor is a certified chiropractic sports physician and he is very passionate about being a healthcare provider.

Each treatment plan is committed to the person alongside updates to profit the patient. Dr. Levon accepts that patient instruction and dynamic consideration will permit the patient to improve and keep a solid way of life. Dr. Levon adopts an exceptionally customized strategy to chiropractic care and guarantees that each quiet comprehends the science and reason behind chiropractic medicines and changes.

So whatever source of the pain you have, Dr. Levon can provide the appropriate treatment and care to relieve your symptoms. You just need to book an appointment or you can visit his clinic by following the below contact details.

Provider: Dr. Levon (Chiropractor)

Experience: 7+ Year in Business

Service: Chiropractic care

Address: 714 W Olympic Blvd Suite # 1001, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Phone: (213) 744-1099

Hour: Mon-Fri (9 am – 6 pm), Sat (10 am – 1 pm), Sun (Closed)



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