Find Best Scrap Yard Near Me: Updated December 2022

Find Best Scrap Yard Near Me: Updated December 2022

Scrap Yard is another great place to make some extra cash without investing any money. Many people in the USA make extra bucks from scrap metal. A lot of scrap yard pays handsome money for the metal which you want to sell. That’s why I am providing you the way from where you can find a scrap yard near your location.

From this post, you will know

  • Ways To Find Best Paying Scrap Yard Near You
  • The current scrap metal prices across the country.
  • Places to find scrap metal to sell.
  • Proven Tips To Get More Cash for Your Scrap Metal.

Best Ways To Find Scrap Yard Near You

1. By Zip Code, City, Address

Yes, you can find all types of high-paying scrap yards near your location by just entering your area zip code, city name or full address.


    2. By Map

    • Go to Google Map and search the term ‘Scrap Yard Near me‘ or ‘scrap metal yard near me. I did this work for you. Just look at the below map.

    3. Other Way To Find Scrap Yard Near Me

    Visit the review provider site like Yelp and search the term ‘Scrap Yard.’ It will list the top scrap yard near your location. If you want to search the city-wise or state-wise scrap yard or scrap metal yard, you can also use Isscrapapp.

    What is Scrap Yard?

    Before knowing what a scrap yard is, we need to know what the scrap material is. So scrap is something that you don’t want anymore, but that is made of a material that can be used again. The value of scrap metal depends on the quantity, quality, and type of material that you bring to different scrap yards.

    It is a recycling center where anyone can buy and sells scrap metals. We can also refer a Scrapyards as a scrap metal brokerage. A Scrap Yard iron accepts metals such as steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, and lead. If you sell these metals there, you’ll be paid for this.

    What Are The Current Scrap Metal Prices?

    Scrap MetalPrice
    #1 COPPER TUBING$1.72/lb
    #2 COPPER TUBING$1.58/lb
    THHN WIRE$1.01/lb
    ROMEX® WIRE$0.84/lb
    STEEL BX$0.10/lb
    BRASS SHELLS$0.81/lb
    LIGHT IRON$68.00/ton
    #1 STEEL$101.00/ton
    CAST IRON$101.00/ton
    COMPLETE CAR$81.00/ton
    SHREDDABLE STEEL$90.00/ton
    ALUMINUM CANS$0.28/lb
    SHEET ALUMINUM$0.20/lb
    ALUMINUM RIMS$0.34/lb
    HARD DRIVES$0.39/lb
    POWER SUPPLIES$0.14/lb
    LOW-GRADE BOARDS$0.05/lb
    PC TOWER$0.11/lb

    Note: This is an estimated scrap metal price of different scrap yards. If anyone of the above gets a change in their price, we will update these price.


    Best Places To Find Scrap Metals Near You

    Search Your HouseSheds and GaragesMachine ShopsJunkyards and Dumpsites
    Scrap Metal CompaniesGarage Sales around your neighborhoodcommunity Clean-UpsBulk Garbage Day
    Website/Online sourcesCollege CampusesFestivals/EventsRecreation Centers
    Local area Homeowners & ResidentsMobile appsRestaurantsBakeries
    Car and Aerospace industryKitchensRailings and abandoned buildingsConstruction and Renovation Sites
    Local Businesses and OfficesElectronic repair shopsArtisanal Joints and welding businessesFarms and Ranches
    Shooting RangesHospitals, medical clinicsMachine ShopsCraigslist
    Automobile ShopsRepair shopsRubbish collectionFlea Markets

    6 Proven Tips To Get More Cash for Your Metal

    1. Start Collecting Items That Contains Most Metals

    This is an initial step to collect metals to sell. So here you have to keep some things in mind. First, people collect most of the waste items not to get too much metal from that item, and their time is also wasted.

    I made this mistake, and I wasted a lot of my time. Therefore I would like to give you my advice that you choose those items in which you feel that you will get more metal.

    2. Separate Metal from Non-Metal

    After selecting the right item, now you have to separate the metal from the non-metal in it. Then, when you go to the scrapyard, the staff there pay more for it. For example, suppose you have a bad computer, and you want to sell that old computer. Your old computer will be sold easily, but its price will be very less.

    But when you separate the precious material inside it and weigh it properly and sell it in the scrapyard, you will get a higher price.

    3. Know the Worth of Different Metals

    Many people do not know the value of different metals. Most of the people who are beginners do not know anything about it. Because when I started this work, I was also deprived of earning a lot of money because I did not know the value of different materials.

    But I recommend you do not make this mistake and know its value before selling any metal.

    In that way, let me tell you that there are two types of metals. The first type of metal is ferrous metals, and the second is known as non-ferrous metals. So, for example, iron and alloys of iron like stainless steel and cast iron are mostly ferrous metals.
    Non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, brass, nickel, copper, lead, tin, titanium, and zinc has most demand in the scrap yard. So it’s worth more than ferrous metal in the market.

    4. Organize or Arrange Your Metals

    This is a very important step if you want to sell your metal at a higher price. Because when you go to sell the mixed metals in the scrapyard, their staff has to arrange and shorten those metals separately so that they have to invest their time in it and because of that they will reduce the price of those metals.

    If you do this work by yourself and sell them, they will not even organize these metals and will not reduce their price, which will make you more profitable.

    5. Investigate and Get Price Quote Through Different Scrap Yard

    I made a mistake when I first sold my metals at very low prices without doing any research. But when I did more research later, I realized that I could get more price for those metals.

    Therefore, I would request you to do a little investigation before selling your metals and getting the price quote from the best scrap yard. By doing this, you will earn more profit, and you will not be at a loss.

    6. Build a Great Relationship With Scrap Yards

    This is a great idea if you want to earn more money from a single scrapyard in a continuous manner. Yes, but for this, you have to build a good relationship from different scrap yards, with the help of which you can take them to a good level of your metal business.

    In any scrap yard in which you will sell your metal, try to keep friendship with them so that when you come next time, you will get a good price for those metals again.

    5 High-Paying Scrap Yards in the United States

    1. Glradvanced

    If you’re searching scrap yards in the state of Michigan, then Glradvanced would be the best platform to sell your scrap metals here. GLRadvanced accepts junk cars and scrap metals. Glradvanced is best known for dealing with junk cars or Detroit cars. So if you have any of them, then you can sell them on here.

    GLR also has been a leader in metal recycling for more than 80 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the metal industry. GLR is a proven producer of convenient, profitable solutions for recyclable scrap metals.

    2. Glescrap

    Glescrap is best known for providing non-ferrous, ferrous, brokerage and trading, logistic and transportation, and electronics recycling services. It has a total of 6 locations in the state of Florida and Michigan. So if you’re living in any of these two states and finding the best scrap yard near your locations, then it would be a great option for you.

    3. Metalrecyclingservices

    In Metalrecyclingservices, you can sell your household scrap as well as industrial type scrap. Here you can also sell your junk car at the very best cost. So if you’re finding a scrapyard at your nearest location in North Carolina, then it would be a great option. It has mainly 3 locations in this state.

    4. 1800gotjunk

    It is also one of the popular full-service junk removal companies serving at several locations across the United States. This would be the perfect scrap yard company where anyone can sell their metals at a high price.

    1800gotjunk provides an efficient junk pick-up service. Here, they can take just about anything, as long as it’s non-hazardous and can be lifted by their staff members. It includes various household and workplace junk, such as mattresses, furniture, electronics, appliances, televisions, exercise equipment, and many more. 

    • You have to book an appointment to pick up your junk on their site, or you call at 1-800-468-5865
    • 1800gotjunk has several locations across the United States. So check out the detailed location here.

    5. junk-king

    So if you’re looking for a scrap yard near me, then you can’t miss Junk-King. It is a private junk removal and recycling company with more than 100 franchise territories, including the USA and Canada. Junk-King provides you eco-friendly junk removal & hauling services.

    One of the best things I like about Junk-king is it provides a price estimator based on your zip code. You need to enter your zip code, and if their services are available at your location, you can estimate the price of your junk items.

    • To sell your junk items or scrap metals to Junk-king, book an appointment on their site, or you can call at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865)
    • Check out their scrap yard location in your areas.
    • You can use their Scrapyard location search tool and Price estimator tool for your convenience.