Have you been looking to move locally, out of state, or even internationally? Here, I have made list of top 8 moving company especially for those who reside in Chicago.

1. The Professionals Moving Specialists

Overall Rating (5.0/5):

According to the stats, the Professionals Moving Specialists is the first company to strike the list, and it is the best moving company in Chicago.

They are the trusted Chicago relocation company that offers cheap residential and business moving services. They offer a variety of relocation services, including but not limited to:

Moving services for antiques and fine art, the piano moving, Specialized student relocation services are available in Chicago, Residential and commercial relocation services are available, Insurance and Service Contracts, Electronics and Valuables Corrugated Moving Boxes.

They have a very affordable price range, and this is why their pride has been extended even higher as they acquire the best movers in Chicago.


2. Wolley Movers Chicago

Overall Rating (4.9/5):

Wolley Movers is a Chicago-based moving firm that provides services throughout the Chicagoland area. Wolley Movers has earned a reputation as one of the top moving firms in the business. Over the previous 25 years, they have relocated thousands of people and companies.

They deal it all, whether that’s local, national, residential, or commercial! They will always transport your stuff securely and reliably, regardless of how big or tiny your relocation is.

They know you are already spending a lot on moving and consider this, which is why they have a very affordable price.

Just get a free quote, and then you are all set to go. The Services include Residential, Commercial, Office, piano moving along with packing services too.


3. 2 Guys and a Van Chicago

Overall Rating (4.9/5):

2 Guys and a Van is Chicago’s most dependable, cost-effective, and well-known moving company. They are a locally owned and operated moving business specializing in relocating dormitories, apartments, condominiums, houses, and workplaces.

They may also load and unload your rental truck, POD, U-Pack, ABF, and other similar items. Residential, commercial, short notice, and even intra-building are the few services they provide.

If you want to get started, navigate to the free estimate section on their website, and you will get the whole inventory list and form, which you can fill and connect to them.


4. Two Men and a Truck

Overall Rating: (4.6/5)

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® began in the early 1980s as a method for two siblings to supplement their income during their senior year of high school. After 30 years, the firm has expanded to over 350 sites across the world.

Their services are very vast in moving like loading and unloading labor, furniture rearranging, and storage services for sure. But the service which is one most prominent here is the junk removal. They provide cleanout services, garage cleaning, and furniture pick up and removal services.

Get a free quote and let them work for you as being the earliest member, they own the best moving company in Chicago.


5. Moovers Chicago INC

Overall Rating (5.0/5):

Moovers Chicago Inc. is a kinship and runs a professional moving company based in Chicago that provides residential and commercial moving services across Illinois.

They specialize in studios, homes, and 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments in elevator and non-elevator buildings. They provide the following services to make your relocation as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

Their Hourly rate includes: 

  • Depending on the size of the task, 2-8 expert movers may be required.
  •  I-pass fee + moving truck + petrol
  • Cushions, speeding boxes, straps, and harnesses are examples of moving equipment.
  • Carrying sheets, shrink wrap, and tape are among the wrapping supplies available in restricted quantities for each project.
  • Large furniture assembly and disassembly.

For your clothing on hooks, wardrobe bins are available in a limited quantity per task. As required by law, liability coverage is provided at 30 cents per pound per product.


6. Move-tastic!

Overall Rating (4.9/5):

Another company with a wide range and online quotes. They have been running for so long that they have established their American van lines across the whole area, and interstate moves smooth as much as possible.

Their services include Complete Moves, Unloading, and loading trucks, Moving Assistance on a National Level, Moves inside the building, and much more! And if any particular preferences are required, then they invite the call for that too.

Along with all the standard services, they also give you DIY stuff you can render at your convenience. All you need to do is fill the estimate form out there, and you are all set to go.


7. H2H Movers Inc.

Overall Rating (4.8/5):

The only 100% female acquired the business in the list makes it more unique and the best movers in Chicago.

Despite being a female-owned company, it doesn’t mean their proposals are different or less. They will provide all the services you need as furniture rearranging, storage facilities, packing, and loading.

Just grab your instant quote and find the average cost you might need to pay for all these. They give you full-service moves as the best moving companies in Chicago do.


8. Coffey Bros. Moving

Overall Rating (4.7/5):

Coffey Bros. Moving is a family-owned and managed business in the area. They started in 2010 with the simple aim of combining outstanding support for customers with business moving services.

They provide Residential, office moving, Only labor services, and even your furniture setup. Partial packing and working highly efficiently over the damage are their forte.

Either from the website or by calling them, you will get your free estimate for your move at an affordable rate.


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