10 Best Massage Therapists in Philadelphia - Updated December 2022

10 Best Massage Therapists in Philadelphia – Updated December 2022

We researched over 100 best massage therapists in Philadelphia, and out of these, we selected the 10 best massage therapists in the city.

We selected these massage spas or massage therapists based on their reviews, ratings, cost, affordability, popularity, complaints, history, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such inspection key points to make this list.

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Hy Asia Massage

1. Hy Asia Massage

4.8 (Based on 106+ Reviews)

The goal of a Hy Asia Massage is to calm the mind and ease the body, and the therapist will modify the massage technique so that it best suits your needs. Any tension you’ve been carrying from your daily life at work and at home will melt away as you relax and enjoy yourself. With the help of their expert massage and revitalization techniques, you can achieve your goals of stress reduction, relaxation, and pain alleviation. In addition, they have options for you to come in with a friend or loved one, or even a small group. They invite you to contact them at 267-265-5783 to schedule an appointment.

Address: 1220 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Mellow Massage Wellness Center

2. Mellow Massage Wellness Center

4.8 (Based on 104+ Reviews)

Mellow, which opened in 2008, provides 11 weekly Yoga Classes in addition to daily Therapeutic Massage and Transformational Acupuncture. As a group, they care deeply about the prosperity of their neighborhoods. Every day, they put in the work to provide their clients with a wide range of wellness services that aim to help them find a sense of calm in the face of the many challenges that modern life presents. In a comfortable and friendly setting, they provide excellent therapeutic services. Massage therapists of this spa teach their clients and students with a deep dedication to the subtle but powerful relationship between health and happiness in all aspects of life. Come 15 minutes early to your scheduled appointment. Don at ease, loose garments. (You can undress as much as you like.) Avoid drinking before your scheduled procedure.

Address: 4023 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

Muscle Melt Massage

3. Muscle Melt Massage

5.0 (Based on 54+ Reviews)

At Muscle Melt, they customize their signature services to both relax and enhance their clients so that they can get back to being themselves. Massage therapists at this massage spa are able to target muscular and joint dysfunction in a more efficient and effective manner once they have determined the underlying cause of the problem. This will put you back on the road to recovery. Their objective is to improve your health and cut down on the amount of time you have to spend recovering. You are going to be shocked at how soon they are going to be able to work together to produce quantifiable gains and get you feeling better.

Address: 1601 Walnut St suite 522, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Rescue Spa

4. Rescue Spa

4.7 (Based on 182+ Reviews)

Rescue Spa is a full-service day spa that was established by Danuta Mieloch and has locations in both New York and Philadelphia. Her company, Rescue, specializes in skincare, and its mission is to restore and rejuvenate its customers so that they can experience the greatest version of themselves. Danuta is the owner of a luxury spa, and she has been in business for 14 years. She consistently delivers unrivaled results, which is why customers keep coming back for more. People have shared with her that the significant improvements in their skin have led to an overall improvement in their lives, and she will never forget hearing that.

Address: 1601 Walnut St 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa

5. Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa

4.2 (Based on Reviews)

Google has selected Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa as the Best Philadelphia Spa for the year 2020. This makes it Philadelphia’s most popular day spa destination. The spa provides an unparalleled level of luxury as well as seclusion and comfort. At Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa, they recognize that their customers require a wide range of face treatments to meet their individual requirements for skin maintenance. They’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for an anti-aging treatment or just something to wash and calm your skin. The massage therapists of this spa are among the most highly trained and experienced in Philadelphia, and as one of the most reputable spas in the city, they will handle any and all problems that their clients may have. There is a retreat waiting for you: come to the Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa to restore your natural beauty, heal, and refresh.

Address: 255 S 17th St #400, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Justin Shelley Licensed Massage Therapist

6. Justin Shelley (Licensed Massage Therapist)

4.7 (Based on 83+ Reviews)

Justin Shelley is a licensed massage therapist from Philadelphia. In addition to holding national board certification in Advanced Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, he has over fifteen years of professional experience working as a massage therapist in Philadelphia. Outcall or in-home massages are provided by Justin Shelley for the same price, and he is prepared to provide massage services at your location. Offer outcall massage services in homes, hotels, and other private settings. His background also includes working in health clubs and spas in the greater Philadelphia area. At the moment, he is working in a private practice that is located close to both Center City Philadelphia and his house. Here, he is thrilled to spend more quality time providing therapeutic services to a growing number of clients who have been with him for a long time.

Address: 1220 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19121

The Spa Terme Di Aroma

7. The Spa Terme Di Aroma

4.7 (Based on 131+ Reviews)

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, the Spa Terme Di Aroma is a natural health center open to the public. Its roots can be found in the teachings and practices of ancient Mediterranean centers of healing and meditation. These legendary ancient communities were well-known for their holistic health practices, which prioritized harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Aromatics, or what they now know as aromatherapy, were counted among the various forms of alternative medicine. Aromatherapy is a method used to improve health and well-being by diffusing or applying essential oils taken from plants and trees.

Address: 32 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

8. Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

4.4 (Based on 287+ Reviews)

Hand & Stone is a spa that specializes in providing massage and facial services of the very finest quality at pricing that is affordable. The team of this massage spa is committed to expanding access to the calming and enlightening wonder that is the experience of receiving a massage. Because of this, receiving a “massage or facial” is elevated to the status of a luxury product or service that is also within reach of most people’s budgets. You can now relax your mind and body whenever you feel the need to do so, regardless of how sore, pained, or stressed out you may be. They are available around the clock, seven days a week, to better accommodate your hectic schedule and to ensure that they can fulfill all of your needs. Make an appointment at this spa by giving them a call right away.

Address: 420 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

The Chair Massage Studio

9. The Chair Massage Studio

5.0 (Based on 32+ Reviews)

In order to accommodate your hectic lifestyle, they provide therapeutic chair massages. Each of their therapists has a minimum of five years of experience and comes with a license, insurance, and a professional designation. You can choose from 15, 20, or 30-minute chair massage services at this studio. These massages can quickly revitalize you for the long week that lies ahead of you, or they can give your therapist the opportunity to focus on that kink that you have been suffering from. You will be seated on its high-performance, adaptable massage chair without having to remove any of your clothing first. Their trained specialist is able to access the common stress regions such as the neck, shoulders, low back, legs, and feet as a result of this. Each customer’s height, size, and level of comfort can be individually adjusted on one of their massage chairs.

Address: 1416 Frankford Ave Suite B3, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Blind Tiger Bodywork | Massage Therapists in Philadelphia

10. Blind Tiger Bodywork

5.0 (Based on 37+ Reviews)

They offer relaxing chair massages to help you unwind from a busy day. All of their therapists have at least five years’ experience and come fully equipped with credentials including licensure, insurance, and certification. The chair massage sessions are available in 15, 20, or 30-minute increments. Massages like these can either instantly energize you for the long week ahead or allow your therapist the time they need to work out that kink you’ve been avoiding. In their high-tech, flexible massage chair, you may relax in comfort without taking off a stitch of clothing. The most frequent points of stress, including the neck, shoulders, low back, legs, and feet, are all easily accessible to their skilled specialist. One of their chairs can be customized to fit the user according to their height, weight, and preferred level of comfort. You might ask for a warm towel infused with essential oils or stretching to be added to your session.

Address: 1608 Walnut St 6th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Frequently Ask Question

How much does a massage cost in Philadelphia?

The cost of a massage in Philadelphia might vary widely based on the location, the therapist, and the length of time you book the appointment. Prices average between $50 and $100.

How much should I tip a Philadelphia massage therapist?

The usual tip for a massage in a spa or hotel in North America is 10-20%, albeit this is never expected to be paid.

Exactly how effective is a massage chair compared to the real thing?

Despite the popularity of massage chairs, many people still prefer to visit a professional masseuse on a regular basis. However, the best massage chairs available today are engineered to mimic the feel of a human masseuse as closely as possible, and they also have other advantages that are hard to top.

When you have a chair massage, what can you expect?

Chair massage, also known as sitting massage, is performed while the recipient reclines on a specially built massage chair that allows the therapist unrestricted access to the upper body. There is typically no need for oils or lotions while performing this type of massage because it is performed directly over clothing.

When looking for a massage therapist in Philadelphia, how do I decide which one to go to?

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow.
Figure out what you want to accomplish and what your current health situation is. Prior to your massage session(s), you should first decide what you hope to achieve.
Gather a list of names
Think about what you like best.
Call the therapist and ask them any questions you have.
Inquire about prices and delivery options.

In Pennsylvania, how much money can one expect to make as a massage therapist?

As of the 26th of this month (2022), a Massage Therapist in Pennsylvania can expect to earn anything from $49,375 to $63,359 annually.