8 Best Laundromat in Los Angeles – Updated December 2022

Laundromat or Laundry Center is one of the best means to help reduce home maintenance, save cash and offer benefits. It may be easy to choose a good Laundromat or laundry center when you use the right equipment.

It is essential to bring in time to choose wisely, given that an excellent Laundromat or laundry center uses more than just one place to replace washing. It offers several additional services beyond just putting your wastes right into the fabric dryer, creating a service that suits you well worth your financial investment. 

Initially, look at your Laundromat or laundry center’s size and determine how many individuals you expect to use daily. Large Laundromat or laundry centers with many washing machines and cloth dryers are a good option for those seeking easy washing options. Go to Laundromat or laundry center in Los Angeles and select as per your requirement. 

1. Pico 24hr Coin Laundry: “The facility is at this laundry is neat and tidy with large clean restrooms and plenty of vending machines!”

2. Desi’s Coin Laundry: Desi’s coin laundry is very considerate. 

3. Sunset Laundromat LA: In this Laundromat, clothes are always perfectly dry and smell amazing, and they separate all clothes according to the type.” 

4. Launder land LA:  All staff fully vaccinated and one of the Eco-Friendly Cleaners in Santa Barbara & Nearby Zones. 

5. Wash On Western LA: This Laundry is immaculate and quiet, and all the washers looking brand new.

6. Love Laundry W Pico, LA: This Laundry is a “Coin-less” laundry. Each washer and dryer accept Debit Card, Credit Card, or “Cyber Card.”

7. Oasis Laundry LA: Very professional staff at Oasis Laundry. Friendly, helpful, and attentive English/Spanish-speaking staff. 

8. Aroma Laundry & Water: Super spacious laundry, which is a super plus. Their fluff and fold service is outstanding.

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1. Pico 24hr Coin Laundry

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Pico 24 hr Coin Laundry
Source: pico-24hr-coin-laundry

Pico 24hr Coin Laundry was established in 2018. The facility is at this Los Angeles Laundromat is neat and tidy with large clean restrooms and plenty of vending machines. They provide excellent service, and they greet customers in the parking lot with laundry carts and all. Pico 24hr Coin Laundry is OPEN 24hrs. New machines and FREE DRY facilities are available, and late-night attendants are also very kind and helpful.

At the late-night also, all the machines work great. They have nice restrooms, massage chairs, coffee machine, music also enjoyable. The machines at this Laundry cost more, but you get FREE DRY, making it worth it. The dryers are suitable when drying blankets which can take a while. There is parking in the back with someone to assist. 


This business is brand new everything! The latest washers and dryers. They have 80lb, 60lb, 40lb, 30lb, and 20lb for washers. Drying is always free with wash. A large parking lot in the back is provided. They offer wash and fold services also. They provide free WiFi. Open 24 hours. 

Website: https://pico-24hr-coin-laundry.business.site

Address: 2462 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006 (Get Location)

Phone: 323-612-8290

Working Hours: 24 Hours


2. Desi’s Coin Laundry

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Desi’s coin laundry was established in 2012. Desi’s coin laundry is very considerate. Prices are affordable for coin laundry in LA. Parking is existing in the lot and street right along the lot. More machines than spaces available. In addition to the best and biggest washers and dryers in the industry, this laundry location offer professional fluff and fold and dry cleaning services.

The team is following Covid rules the best they can. The machines work well, and I can’t see any out of order. Dryers $0.25/10 min. Work fine. Full load with weighty towels involves fully dry in 30 minutes. This is an excellent and clean spot. 


Desi’s coin laundry offers FLUFF & FOLD service at the low price of $1.50/lb. They will professionally wash, dry, and fold Laundry within 24 hours, ready for pick up. Open 24 hours. They provide free coffee and free WiFi.

They also sell a collection of laundry kinds of stuff & equipment and refreshments & drinks for convenience of customers. They have many massage chairs and arcade machines.

Website: Not Available

Address: 2377 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006 (Get Location)

Phone: 213-529-4331

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (6 am – 12 am)


3. Sunset Laundromat LA

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Sunset Laundromat Los Angeles
Source: sunsetlaundromat.com

In this Los Angeles Laundromat, clothes are always perfectly dry and smell amazing, and they separate all clothes according to the type.” The business owner Oscar and his staff are very cooperative. Any client will not be disappointed. Customer service is the priority for them, and they take pride in what they do. They are also very alert to establishing a clean atmosphere for all of their customer’s washes.

Sunset Laundromat LA was established in 2003. One of the best thing is that they offer free Wifi. There are vending machines for snacks and drinks for their customers. Detergent, fabric softener, bleach, dryer sheets and more are available for purchase in this laundry. They also pride themselves on providing a clean, safe and friendly environment for their customers.


They Offering Free Pickup & Delivery, Starting at $1.65 per pound and free WIFI.

Website: http://www.sunsetlaundromat.com

Address: 1316 Sunset Blvd #10, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Get Location)

Phone: 213-807-3669

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (6 am – 10 pm)


4. Launder land LA

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

Launderland Los Angeles

Launder land LA was established in September of 2018. Here all staff are fully vaccinated and one of the Eco-Friendly Cleaners. This Launder land LA is a massive help to those who want to wash clothes suitably.

They have a wide variety of machines from 20 pounds to 80 pounds. For you convenience, Launder land provides three tv’s, Free Wi-Fi, and soap is available for sale in case you forget your own. They offer additional things like they have snacks and beverages available in case you get hungry while you wait.

The machine used is appropriately maintained by the staff of this Laundromat and dry cleaning. They are open 7 days a week and have various extra-large washers and dryers. They offers services like Fluff & Fold for $1.25 per pound. They’ve Clean, folded and bagged, for easy carry out. They also offer Pick-up and drop-off service for their customers.


You can do your commercial or personal Laundry with their “Wash N Fold” service. Providing Private Lot Parking and free WIFI.

Website: https://www.launderlandlaundryservices.com

Address: 1119 N Western Ave C, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Phone: (818) 429-5637

Working Hours: 24 Hours

Services: Commercial Laundry, Self Service Laundry, Drop Off Wash & Fold

Pricing: Wash & Fold (Next Day): $1.25 per pound, Pickup & Delivery Service: $2.00 per pound


5. Wash On Western LA

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Was on Western LA
Source: Instagram

This Laundry is immaculate and quiet, and all the washers are looking brand new. The staff working is very lovely and friendly. The service is fantastic, and the facility is perfect! They have washing machines big sufficient to handle relievers and blankets. All their machines accept credit/debit cards and coins. Your Laundry will be fresh, folded, and wrinkle-free. The detergent they used smells nice! 


They have a vending machine for snacks and laundry materials. They accept Apple Pay and free WIFI, Street Parking, Private and Lot Parking provided.

Website: https://washonwestern.com

Address: 1548 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Phone: (323) 430-8148

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (6 am – 11 pm)


6. Love Laundry W Pico, LA

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Love Laundry W Pico

Love Laundry W Pico and LA were established in 2013. Love Laundry is the best Laundromats in Los Angeles. Clean laundry is an essential tool in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Their commercial washers with boiling water and our drying temperatures are superior in disinfecting and eliminating viruses such as COVID-19.

This Laundry is a “Coin-less” laundry. Each washer and dryer accept Debit Card, Credit Card, or “Cyber Card” to which you add money value and use for machines. 


The Laundry is large with benches and tables, big-screen TVs, snack and drinks, soap vending machines, and vending machines. There is free WiFi, also. 

Website: https://lovelaundry.com

Address: 5960 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Phone: (818) 259-0690

Working Hours: Mon – Fri (6 am – 12 am)

Services: Self-Service Laundry, Drop-Off Laundry, and Commercial Laundry


7. Oasis Laundry LA

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

Oasis Laundry LA

The very professional staff at Oasis Laundry. Friendly, helpful, and attentive English/Spanish-speaking staff. This Laundromat is very well maintained. If you come during non-peak hours, there’s plenty of parking. 

Oasis Laundry is offering fluff & fold service at the starting low price of $1.25 per pound. They professionally wash, dry, and fold your Laundry within 24 hours, ready for pick up. For self-service, their coin-operated washers and dryers are state-of-the-art with rapidity and effectiveness. They offer the top and fastest washers in the market, including 100 pounds (10 loads) mega washers.

They have plenty of 3 loads and 5 loads dryers too. Their prices are some of the lowest in town. They provide complimentary WIFI. They also sell a variety of laundry products & accessories and water, snacks, ice cream drinks, and coffee for customer’s convenience. They have a kid’s play corner, a massage chair, and large flat-screen TVs throughout the store for customer’s entertainment. 

Website: https://www.oasislaundry.la

Address: 2815 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

Phone: (323) 733-0074

Working Hours: 24 Hours

Services: Coin Laundry, Wash & Fold


 8. Aroma Laundry & Water

Aroma Laundry & Water was established in 2005. Super spacious Laundry, which is a super plus. Customers have space and a ton of machines to pick where they want to wash. The ladies are there and are super friendly. In case you forget your detergent or softener, they are offering an assortment as well.

Everyone is friendly and cooperative. All the dryers are new, and they also have giant dryers for bed sheets, etc. Their fluff and fold service is outstanding. They are reliable and using purified water. Everything comes back wholly folded. 


They are providing vouchers at the Laundry and Echo Park United Methodist Church for free Laundry. They have partnered with LA Community Fridges to provide free food to anyone who needs it.

Detergent is offered free of charge. Providing Private Lot Parking and free WIFI. They have added new highspeed washers, more folding tables, new seating, art, and many more.

Website: http://www.aromalaundryechopark.com

Address: 1448 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone: (323) 400-8534

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (6:30 am – 10 pm)

Services: Fluff & Fold Laundry, Self Service, Pure Water Bar, Dry Cleaning