8 Best Escape Room in New York City - Updated December 2022

8 Best Escape Room in New York City – Updated December 2022

Whether you are looking for all private games or want to experience the adventure with other groups of people, these 8 escape rooms we have listed here are the best escape room you can choose to visit in New York City for a great adventure and fun time.

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1. The Escape Game New York City – Escape Room

Overall Rating: 5.0/5

The Escape Game New York City

In Midtown Manhattan, you are getting a 60-Minute escape room adventure with The Escape Game New York City. Here you can experience Gold RushPlaygroundSpecial OpsPrison Break, and The Heist escape games, each having a different difficulty level.

Here the escape games are designed to give a challenging, fun experience with surprises that would be epic for everyone, whether you are a new player or an enthusiast. Here you are more likely to get an immersion experience with the active help of Game Guides, who will provide you with little clues if felt stuck.

Everything in an escape room and common areas are disinfected to impart the safest possible experience to their guests. You can book games at The Escape Game NYC for large groups or private experiences with a small number of people.

Website & Booking: https://theescapegame.com/newyorkcity

Address: 295 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017 (Get Direction)

Phone: (917) 970-1360

Open Hours: Mon – Thu (10 am – 12 am), Fri – Sun (8 am – 1 am)


Gold Rush

(7/10 Difficulty | Up To 9 Players)


(6/10 Difficulty | Up To 12 Players)

Special Ops– Mysterious Market

(8/10 Difficulty | Up To 8 Players)

Prison Break

(9/10 Difficulty | Up To 8 Players)

The Heist

(8/10 Difficulty | Up To 8 Players)


2. Escape the Room NYC

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Escape the Room NYC

You have the option to choose from any of the escape rooms, namely Jurassic Escape, The DigThe HomeMeltdown, The Submarine, The OfficeThe Clock Tower, and Outbreak. If you can’t decide which one you want to experience, then they will help you out.

Here you will find clue master’s who are friendly and will explain the rules clearly before entering the room and when inside, they will help you with clues if it seems you have struggled enough and can’t find a way out at every step, so no clue limit imposed. 

If you are looking for a challenge and can think outside the box, try The Dig. You can book for any of the escape rooms, including South ParkCartman’s escape online. You can even book for a special event with only your favorite people. 

Website: https://escapetheroom.com/new-york

Address: 24 W 25th St floor 8, New York, NY 10010 (Get Direction)

Phone: (347) 954-9160

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (12 pm – 12 am), Sat & Sun (10 am – 12 am)


3. Escape Room New York City – Mission Escape Games

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Mission Escape Games

Here you will find two types of escape games: Escape Operation: End of Days A&B(both are the same but have different capacities or layout), and the other is Escape the Hydeout: The Mystery of Henry Jekyll

They took care of the health and safety of their guests by providing private games, disinfection of rooms and props before every match, contactless check-in, and other measures such as hand sanitisers, masks, and gloves if necessary. Here it’s all about unlocking the door by solving brain-teasing puzzles being a team with mutual communication and cooperation. 

Go there with your family and friend. Book a corporate event if you are looking to build team spirit in your organization, as escape games are considered a high-quality team-building exercise. 

Website: https://missionescapegames.com/nyc

Address: 265 W 37th St Suite 802A, New York, NY 10018 (Get Direction)

Phone: (347) 903-8860

Open Hours: Sun – Thu (12-11 pm), Fri (12 pm – 12 am), Sat (10 m – 12 am)


2-3 Players:    $40 Per Person
4-10 Players:  $33 Per Person

2-3 Players:    $120 Total (For the Whole Room)
4-10 Players:  $33 Per Person


4. Exit Escape Room NYC

Exit Escape Room NYC

You can play private games in 3 exciting escape rooms with just 60 minutes to escape. The games are designed to give you a thrilling adventure in an immersive environment where you will feel the rush of every passing second. 

Here you are getting 3 games to choose from High-Speed NYC, The Perfect Heist, and Sugar Rush. These games are all about finding the clues, solving puzzles, and unlocking more clues until you escape the room.

They take measures like contact-less check-in, sanitization of rooms after every game, social distance with employees to ensure the safety of visiting guests. Be it fun with friends and family, birthday, or corporate team building, you can find a perfect room for every occasion. You can even buy a gift voucher which can be redeemed anytime. 

Website: https://www.exitescaperoomnyc.com

Address: 247 W 36th St Suite 101, New York, NY 10018 (Get Direction)

Phone: (917) 837-4129

Open Hours: Sun – Thu (11 am – 10 pm), Fri – Sat (11 am – 11:30 pm)


Price per player Monday-Friday:
​Private game with 2 players: $40 pp
Private game with 3 players: $35 pp
Private game with 4-8 players: $30 pp
Price per player Saturday-Sunday:
​Private game with 2 players: $50 pp
Private game with 3 players: $40 pp
Private game with 4 players: $35 pp
​Private game with 5-8 players: $30 pp


5. Clue Chase

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Clue Chase

Clue Chase has 4 escape rooms that host four escape games, namely Moonshine Madness(1923)Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle(1666), Guardian of Gotham(2132), and Houdini’s Workshop(1926). They also have three instantly playable games without any set time and can be played for more than one hour at just $20 per team of six players.

Escape rooms are amazingly designed to give almost real-life feelings and have the highest standard original puzzles that will hook you up. These rooms are perfectly designed to provide the utmost thrilling puzzle-solving experience when visited with family or friends. 

Suppose you are looking for escape rooms suited for a large group. In that case, Clue Chase can provide with such along with a dedicated event coordinator who has successfully hosted corporate office events for years.

Website: https://cluechase.com

Address: 39 W 32nd St 4th floor, New York, NY 10001

Phone: (646) 964-5783

Open Hours: Mon – Sun (11 am – 12 am)


Moonshine Madness

1-10 players | 60 min

Houdini’s Workshop

1-10 players | 60 min

Guardian of Gotham

1-10 Players | 60 min

Pirates of The Bermuda Triangle

1-10 Players | 60 min


6. Brooklyn Escape Room

Overall Rating: 4.7/5


Currently, only The Haunted escape rooms are open, while the other two rooms are closed due to pandemic gathering restrictions. The Hunted is a private game that can be booked for 2 or 4 people, although additional persons can be added for a maximum of 8 players. This game is designed to be creepy in a dimly lit room with special effects and noises that makes it mildly scary.  

All games are made private with limited capacity to follow covid-19 protocol, and between games, rooms are disinfected. It is mandatory for guests and all staff to wear masks at all times. 

It would help if you arrived at least 10 minutes before game time to receive the required information and check-in. Being late would result in an in-game time deduction.

Website: https://www.brooklynescaperoom.com

Address: 594 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (347) 721-3350

Open Hours: Sun, Mon, Wed & Thu (11:30 am 9:30 pm), Fri & Sat (11:30 am – 10 pm), Tue (11:30 am – 4 pm)


The Hounted: $60 (1 hr) for 2 payers (Mon-Fri)

The Hounted: $140 (1 hr) for 4 payers (Sat-Sun)


7. BrainXcape Escape Room

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

BrainXcape Escape Room New York City

Rated among the best escape rooms in NYC, BrainXcape Escape Room of New York City offers you three different escape room experiences- Rikers 1932The Haunted Hotel, and Game of Gold. The first two escape games are of a maximum 60-minute duration with 2-10 people inside, while Game of Gold is more of a family-friendly game of a 45-minute period that allows 2-5 people. 

These games were always private, and now it’s no different. They sanitize the rooms after every game, and their game masters always wear masks and gloves. Before entering any escape room, every guest needs to wash their hands. All this indicates their top priority- The safety of Guests.

You can always add more people by contacting them. They can arrange corporate team-building events, escape room birthday parties with your family or friends, or even with a date.

Website: https://www.brainxcape.com

Address: 160 Broadway 3rd floor, New York, NY 10038

Phone: (347) 696-1408

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (11 am – 10:30 pm), Sat – Sun (10:45 am – 10:50 pm)


Rikers, 1932 (Mon – Fri)

2-10 people | 60 minute

The Haunted Hotel

2-10 people | 60 minute

Game of Gold: The Room

45 min | 2-5 people


8. Escape Room Madness

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Escape Room Madness New York City

You can choose from 6 different escape rooms, and each room has its difficulty level( 6-8 out of 10) with additional accommodative capacity. If you are looking for the most thrilling, entertaining, and adrenaline-inducing escape room experience created and designed to test your perception and challenge your intellect via puzzles, patterns, clues, then visit Escape Room Madness.

Escape rooms The Perfect Crime, QuarantineNuclear Annihilation are situated on the 5th floor. In contrast, PreyMasquerade, and Exodus escape rooms are located on the 6th floor, with each having different difficulty levels and generous player capacity. 

They take care of their guest’s safety very seriously and follow all necessary steps to ensure protection. They can accommodate up to 60 people at once, making it a good destination for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and team-building events.

Website: https://escaperoommadness.com

Phone: (212) 239-8800

Address: 38 W 32nd St 5th Floor, Ste 500, New York, NY 10001 (Get Direction)

Open Hours: Mon – Thu (12-11:30 pm), Fri – Sun (10 am – 11:30 pm)


Between 12pm-5pm

With Promo Code: 2021

  • 2 People: $35 Per Person
  • 3 People: $28 Per Person
  • 4 Or More People: $25.2 Per Person

Mon-fri: After 5pm
Sat & Sun: All Day

  • 2 People: $50 Per Person
  • 3 People: $40 Per Person
  • 4 Or More People: $36 Per Person