8 Best Dog Groomer in New York City - Updated December 2022

8 Best Dog Groomer in New York City – Updated December 2022

Good grooming is a part of good health, and healthy pets are the happiest. It’s time that you gift your lovely furry friends some grooming services in the best pet salons in New York City. Here, we have listed some grooming companies, hire dog groomers according to your preferences. So, contact them now for your dog’s pawfect grooming experience.

Best Dog Groomers in New York City

Dogma New York City: Visit here for the gentle care and treatment that your pet deserves.

Snowball’s Pets Grooming Salon: Incredible salon with super friendly staff that makes your pet feel at home

Towne House Grooming & Pet Supplies: It is a place where your fluffy one will feel relaxed from inside and beautiful outside. They will surely come out happily and wagging.

Bark Slope Salon NYC: They offer premium services for your little snuffles to get groomed, without making a hole in your pocket.

Bark Avenue Grooming NYC: Your dog deserves the best grooming services and they are proving it since 2016.

Unleashed Spa New York City: It is a wonderful grooming place for your dog with friendly and skilled groomers, you will definitely make your pet regular here

Doggy Stylez Grooming: A must visit salon to make your pets grooming game strong.

Groomingdales NYC: It will be a treat for your doggo as they make them look super fresh and adorable.

1. Dogma New York City

DOGMA in New York - Pet Grooming, Pet Day Care, Pet Boarding

Dogma is an amazing daycare centre to pamper your dogs in New York City. They have a space of serenity, comfort and loving care for every animal. They have a very cooperative staff with the finest service. They provide all kinds of services for pets, including overnight boarding, grooming and spa, training, walking, and classes, and serve your dogs with amazing treats and playgroups.

They also offer premium facial services for your fluffy friends. They have different packs and offers for you to choose from at reasonable pricing. They provide 24-hour care by their certified pack-leaders. They are very welcoming and provide quality customer service to their clients. So if you’re looking for a dog groomer in New York City then contact them for great deals.

Hours: Mon – Fri (8 am – 7 pm), Sat & Sun (9 am – 5 pm)


2. Snowball’s Pets Grooming Salon

Snowball’s Pets Grooming Salon is one of the best sources for providing grooming services to your pets, and it deals in Eye-Ear, Cleaning, Nail Clip, Cut Dry, Bath, Conditioning, Final Cut, Finishing Massage, Nail Clipping, Nail Polishing, Teeth Brushing, Fleas, and Ticks Bath, and Hot Oil Massage.

They have certified groomers and trained washers to provide exceptional services that give great results to your dogs. They provide basic to advanced services, and they have vast experience in dog training and grooming. Groomers take all the safety precautions, the staff wears masks, and hand sanitisers are provided. Contact them for the amazing grooming services and the love and care your dogs deserve.

Hours: Tue – Sat (9 am – 6 pm)


3. Towne House Grooming & Pet Supplies

कदाचित 'Towne House Grooming & Pet Supplies' सांगणारा मजकूर ची प्रतिमा असू शकते

Towne House Grooming & Pet Supplies is an experienced dog grooming company providing services for over 40 years. It is an amazing amenity, offering consistently professional services like dog and cat grooming, dog anal gland expression, nail trimming, and walk-in services. They are committed to exceeding customer’s expectations, and they also offer best-in-class products and services.

They provide a homely ambience for pets along with personalized care for them. High-quality products are used, proper care of cleanliness is taken, and all types of equipment are sanitized. You can contact them for queries and more detailed information. It is one of the best places to pamper your dogs in New York City.

Hours: Tue – Sat (8:30 am – 6 pm), Mon & Sun (Closed)


4. Bark Slope Salon

Bark Slope Salon | Best Dog Groomer in New York City

At Bark Slope Salon in New York City, your dog gets all of the exercise and attention they deserve while you are busy battling your day. Their priority is to provide premium services to your pets. They offer grooming services like Warm water bathing, blueberry facial, nail trimming and complementary buff, ear cleaning, gland expression, and complimentary bandana.

You can also add on services like Bang trim, Teeth cleaning, Oatmeal bath, Mud bath and Deshedding treatment. They also offer dog walking services. You can make an appointment for grooming services and dog walking services. The groomers and other staff members are professional and friendly. They thoroughly clean everything, and everyone is masked up. You can call them or fill an inquiry form online to make a reservation.


5. Bark Avenue Grooming

Bark Avenue Grooming NYC

Bark Avenue Grooming is a trusted pet salon in New York City. It is a licensed and insured pet grooming company providing services since 2016. They have a team of experienced groomers who are working in this industry for over 15 years. They specialise in offering all types of grooming services from basic to advanced like spa, bathing, nail trimming, flea and tick, teeth brushing, and hot oil treatment.

They disinfect every piece of equipment before use. You can contact them for queries and more detailed information. You can count on their staff for your pet’s unique needs as they make sure you get things done exactly the way you desire.

Hours: Tue – Fri (9 am – 5 pm), Sat (9:30 am – 5 pm), Sun & Mon (Closed)


6. Unleashed Spa

Unleashed Spa | Dog Groomer in New York City

Unleashed Spa in New York City is a full-service pet grooming salon. They are the award-winning groomers and have received first place in over 15 awards, including the “Intergroom” Terrior category, “Poodle Challenge” Scissoring category, and “Fun in the Sun” Poodle 2012 in Florida.

Their groomers are well-versed and trained in providing exceptional services: in-house grooming services, full-service pet grooming, natural and organic alternatives, which is an effective treatment method for your pets. They also have self-service pet bathing, where you can groom your furry friends by yourself. They provide exceptional services at reasonable prices. It will be a treat for your dog at Unleashed Spa in New York City.

Hours: Mon – Sun (9 am – 5 pm)


7. Doggy Stylez Grooming

Doggy Stylez Grooming |

Doggy Stylez Grooming is the newest and fastest-growing dog grooming company in New York City. They have groomers with over ten years of experience providing the finest services and care that your pet deserves. They have a wide range of services. Their bath and complete grooming services include Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, Brush & Comb-Out, Haircut, Oatmeal Bath, Blow out and drying services, and more.

They also offer Teeth Brushing, Flea & Tick Treatment, Nail Polish, and Anesthesia Free Teeth Scaling. Their grooming price varies depending on the breed, size, condition of the pet, and the hairstyle requested. Groomers are fantastic, and they make sure you get things done exactly the way you desire. It is one of the preferred salons to pamper your pets.


8. Groomingdales

Groomingdales \ Dog groomer in New York City

Groomingdales in New York City is a brand new salon with professionally trained and certified groomers having over 15 years of experience. Their priority is to provide the most enjoyable and relaxing experience for your fluffy friend. It is a luxurious salon that offers premium grooming services from basic to advance.

They follow proper precautions for the safety of their clients and staff members. High-quality products are used for providing services, and all equipment is sanitized. You can browse through their website for more queries and schedule an online appointment. Groomingdales in New York City is worth every penny.