11 Best Dog Boarding Locations in New York City – Updated December 2022

We’ve researched over 50 best dog boarding in New York City, and out of these, we selected 3 best and most popular dog boarding locations in the city. Apart from these, we also added 8 additional dog boarding in New York City that didn’t shortlist undet Top 3.

We selected these dog boarding based on their reviews, ratings, history, complaints, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such key points to make this list.

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1. Dogma

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Dogma is a 24/7 state of the art cage free, daycare, overnight boarding and grooming facility in the West Village, NY. In Japanese, MA means space, and Dogma has been conceived as a space of serenity, comfort, and loving care for each animal they have the honor of welcoming. They look forward to showing you why dogma is, in every sense, a space for dogs.

If you’re choosing Dogma for a dog boarding service then you have to know some information before visiting with your dog here. Dogma requires each puppy to have had no less than three half day daycare encounters at DOGMA, (3-6 hours). It is critical that when your little guy is remaining for the time being with them, they will as of now have knowledge of their center and staff. This will lessen fearing abandonment, and make the stay a rich encounter.

During your pup’s visit at DOGMA, they will have the chance to play, parlor and lay down with different canines that are remaining here. Here, the Dogma staff give short term visits that emulate your little guys resting propensities, very much like at your home.

Address: 21 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

Phone: (212) 366-4060

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (7:30am – 7pm), Sat & Sun (9am – 5pm)

Website: https://www.dogmanyc.com/

2. Harlem Doggie Day Spa

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Harlem Doggie Day Spa is dedicated to offering the best cage-free dog boarding, daycare and grooming facility in Harlem of New York City. This dog boarding location was founded in 2010 with a vision to create a one of a kind grooming facility. From there, business started expanding when customers began requesting care for their pets during the day or while on trip.

Harlem Doggie Day Spa is the place where fun happens in their playcare. They offer doggie play care , cageless boarding, transportation, salon and versatile specialized dog care and dog walk services. Their main goal is to advance safe play, connect with and animate your canine while in their consideration. They offer doggie exercises such as doggie soccer matches , pup picasso painting, little dog swimming, bring a treat, dexterity course thus a lot more exercises.

By learning and taking special care of each canine’s character and needs, they entrust with their clients, by furnishing an enhanced climate with your closest companion. Harlem Doggie Day Spa is consistently on wellbeing, neatness, client-correspondence and tail-swaying canine joy. Their consideration is recognized by 24-hour on location staffing, canine assessments, day by day exercises for feeling, custodian and dog connections and then some.

Address: 734 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10031

Phone: (646) 386-7789

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (8:30am – 6pm), Sat (9am – 5pm), Sun (10am – 4pm)

Website: http://harlemdoggiedayspa.com/

3. Monster Mutt Daycare & Boarding

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Monster Mutt is Brooklyn’s unique Doggie Daycare and Boarding facility in New York City. Established in 2001, Monster Mutt was the primary dog daycare in Brooklyn, and they keep on giving the most ideal consideration to your canine. They accept that doggy play is the best exercise, and their indoor doggie jungle gym gives a lot of room to the creatures to get the psychological feeling, socialization, and all the play they need. Your puppy will get back home cheerful and depleted from every Monster Mutt visit.

They offer an assortment of services, including full and half long periods of doggie daycare, short-term and long haul boarding, instructional courses, showers, and a full-service store. They realize pet guardians need the best for their creatures, and so do they. That is the reason they “interview” their doggie candidates to guarantee they’re a fit for their current pack and all little guys partake in their visit.

So if you’re searching for a neighborhood pet then their reasonable short-term boarding services mean the dog can play with his kindred mutts during customary daycare hours. Night-time, he’ll get to cuddle up with comfortable covers, treats and love. 

Really, they do an amazing job for your dog, and joyfully oblige extraordinary necessities and solicitations free of charge, for example, taking care of a pup lunch while you’re away or giving a more established dog his medication. They likewise offer a couple of extraordinary additional items for their boarding and daycare canines. Plan an early afternoon walk, or sort out for a shower highlighting quality and all normal dog wash items.

8 Additional Dog Boarding Service Provider in New York City

These 8 additional dog boarding facility in New York City that didn’t shortlist undet Top 3 but we definatly recommend if you’re not interested in the above options.