10 Best Child Daycare Center in Phoenix – Updated December 2022

We’ve researched over 20 child daycare centers in Phoenix and surrounding areas, and out of these, we selected 5 best and most popular child daycare. Apart from these, we also added 5 additional child daycare in Phoenix that didn’t shortlist undet Top 3.

We selected based on their reviews, ratings, history, complaints, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such key points to make this list.

Day care” is the term much people use to refer to out-of-home care for their children through the day while their parents are at work place. Most child care and early education specialists no longer use the term “day care” because it explains only when they work, not the scope of their everyday jobs. The term “child care” is more comprehensive.

Child care can be providing in a child care centre, in a family child care residence, or by species, families, or neighbours. Many working parents want child care at different time like early in the morning, afternoon, in the evening, at night, or because of alterations in their work timetables. 

Here we describing 5 Best Child Day care in Phoenix City, Arizona, with the aim of taking care of your loved ones by right way.

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1. Phoenix Preparatory Preschool & Child Care


Phoenix Preparatory Preschool & Child Care has been Established in 2007 by Margot Magnum. Their Mission Statement Phoenix Preparatory Preschool offers a quality child care program for babies, kids, and pre-schoolers that facilitate and take care of the special needs and abilities of every child. They realize their responsibility is twofold – first to the child and then to their parents. The staff is very helpful to each babies and toddlers because they even helped with potty training. Even in the infant room, they have fun activities for child to do every day.

They strive to produce a safe place for kids to raise and thrive as well as offer parents the suitability of all-inclusive care that fosters a place for parents to meet and create a care system to navigate parenting together. Their dynamic course and instructors are highly qualified and experienced in early childhood. This makes their Phoenix Preparatory Preschool & Child Care Centre fun and filled with authentic learning experiences. 

Address: 802 W Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Phone: (602) 274-7557

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (6:30 am – 6 pm)

Website: http://www.phxprep.com

2. KidsPark – Scottsdale

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KidsPark – Scottsdale has been Established in in 2009. KidsPark Scottsdale presents a secure and fun play space available without doubts so you can drop in day time, at evenings, and on the weekends, or whenever you need help from them. KidsPark is a wonderful place for your children. They always feel like a family. The teachers are very nice and would greet your kid by name every drop off and kindly tell him “bye” as you left home or her.  

Being here will help your kid to socialize and exposed him to other toys and activities that you don’t have at home. Your child will learn baby-signs and new words also. The staff of KidsPark are always kind and treat your kid like they are their own. They work very hard to help your child to grow both educationally and on a social basis. The staff members are pleasing and work very hard for your kids.

Address: 12635 N 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone: (602) 788-2445

Open Hours: Mon – Thu (7:30 am – 7 pm), Fri (7:30 am – 9 pm), Sat (9 am – 9 pm)

Website: http://www.kidspark.com/scottsdale

3. Whiz Kidz Preschool

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When you join Whiz Kidz Preschool, you’re joining a society, a family. They are much and more than just day-care. They attempt to generate a safe place for kids to grow and thrive; as well as offer parents the convenience of all-inclusive care that nurtures a place for parents to meet and make a support coordination to find the way parenting together. Your kid’s life are main part of their physical growing and their mental understanding. At Whiz Kidz Preschool their childcare program takes an intelligent approach to kid’s growth.

Their staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the field of child development. Not only do they make sure that your child is taken care of to the best of their capability, but they also make sure that they are instructing them all that they can as well. The staff members at Whiz Kidz places the utmost importance on training your kids and serving them to develop their advance skills, even at such a young age. Every day, the staff paying attentions on the physical, social, and talking skills that your infant should be developing in.

Address: 13424 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone: (602) 971-7007

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (6:30 am – 6 pm), Sat & Sun (Closed)

Website: https://whizkidzpreschool.com

4. Susie’s Mama Bear Pre-School & Child Care

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Discovering a place that you believe to take care of your child is not very easy. Susie’s Mama Bear Pre-School & Child Care is a place that you trust and that your child likes to go to is even harder! This child care centre is a family-owned professional. Somebody is at the front desk to reply you with personal service instead of just signing in to a computer system.

They don’t just get to know about the kids, they get to know the about parents too! This kind of family environment makes you feel safer about leaving your child there. They all be friendly with who each child belongs to. The staff is friendly and send home a daily report letting you know what your child did and ate that day and who their best friend. Your kid loves the teachers, and they have doing a great job of preparing the kids for Kindergarten – writing their names, sounds and letters and, counting, etc.  This Child Care has lots of fun events through the year.

The kids always look forward to the “Country Fairs” and meeting with the Easter Bunny and Santa. They also have visits from “the music man,” “the library lady,” a nurse, a dental hygienist and others who teach them ideal lessons like brushing your teeth and washing your hands. The breakfasts and lunches they serve helping your little babies eater’s palate. They provide a variety of healthy and yummy food.

Address: 16830 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phone: (602) 866-1815

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (6 am – 6:30 pm), Sat (6:30 am – 5:30 pm), Sun (Closed)

Website: https://www.susiesmamabear.com

5. Valley Child Care & Learning Center

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When you are a new mom where should you turn for help when there is no family around. so the Valley child Care is best option as a day care center as most of all the people and teachers are honest. All the teachers give their full attentiveness to the children and you can tell the teachers love on the kid as if they were like their own.

You can’t think of a better place for your children to be when I you are working anywhere. The diapers and food are involved in the price to make getting out the door without forgetting anything so much relaxed on you. The flexible schedule of this day care centre allows you to not have to pay when the kids are home sick or you are on vacation. And the best part, you are elsewhere grateful for the help with potty training.

Address: 5041 W Union Hills Dr, Glendale, AZ 85308

Phone: (602) 439-2700

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (6 am – 6 pm), Sat & Sun (Closed)

Website: https://www.valleychildcare.net

5 Additional Child Daycare Center in Phoenix

Last words

Day care services support parents and guardians by caring for children too young to be left alone, most often children too young to attend school or school-aged children that require before or after school care. It is also the cleanest day care facility in each centre, and they take their response to covid very serious.