5 Best Car Detailing in Sioux Falls - Updated February 2023

5 Best Car Detailing in Sioux Falls – Updated February 2023

In order to keep your car’s resale value and longevity high, you need to keep it in excellent shape. Professional car detailing services provide a more in-depth and comprehensive cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle than what you’d get from routine car washes.

Search no further for the best auto detailing in Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls offers a wide range of service levels, from the most basic to the most all-encompassing. To help you choose the best auto detailing shop for your next service, we’ll look at many popular options in Sioux Falls.

1. Clean Ride Auto Spa

4.4/5 (Based on 300+ Rating)

Clean Ride Auto Spa

South of the downtown area in central Sioux Falls, you’ll find Clean Ride Auto Spa, a full-service vehicle wash. They are centrally located in one of the newest and nicest shopping areas in the Sioux Falls metro, to the northwest of the intersection of 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue. Use their handy position to your advantage!

Try out their unlimited memberships and full-service auto detailing today! You can find exterior and interior car washes that work with your schedule and budget. For a spotless automobile, you can select from a variety of touchless washing options or visit the full-service detailing shop. You can also use the vacuum and towels without paying anything.

2. HD Detailing & Ceramics

4.9/5 (Based on 90+ Rating)

HD Detailing & Ceramics

HD Detailing & Ceramics is where you can get the best auto detailing service. They provide thorough cleaning services that are sure to get you noticed by passers-by. They are here to serve you whether you need a quick wash or a ceramic coating to preserve your vehicle for years to come.

They offer a wide range of detailing services, from washing and waxing to cleaning the engine compartment, sealing the windscreen, restoring the headlights, cleaning the inside, and even tinting the windows. Opti-Coat Pro and Opti-Guard are only two of the many Opti-Coat products that we stock.

3. Shine Solutions – Mobile Detailing

5.0/5 (Based on 42+ Rating)

Shine Solutions - Mobile Detailing

When it comes to mobile detailing in Sioux Falls, SD, no one does it better than Shine Solutions. Through meticulous planning and execution, the Shine Solutions team is dedicated to giving customers an unforgettable adventure. You may have faith that your car will be treated with the utmost care and return looking its best because of this company’s dedication to excellence. Allow Shine Solutions to restore your vehicle’s lustre for you.

4. Lickide Split Car Cleanup and Detailing, Inc.

4.4/5 (Based on 60+ Rating)

Lickide Split Car Cleanup and Detailing, Inc

Roger Wilkes established the company that is now known as Lickide Split Car Cleanup & Detailing, Inc. in the year 1986. Since 1986, we have been offering residents of the Sioux Falls area exceptional auto upholstery and detailing services for their vehicles.

In addition to providing superior snow removal services, they also provide car detailing services such as waxing, buffing, carpet cleaning, upholstery restoration, and cigarette burn repair in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

They will pick up and deliver your order for free anywhere within the Sioux Falls Area. Car detailing and snow removal are two of our many areas of expertise, and we have more than 33 years of combined experience in both.

5. Reflection Detail

5.0/5 (Based on 27+ Rating)

Reflection Detail

As a pioneer in the auto detailing industry, Reflection Detailing set the standard in 1999. Although its headquarters are in Sioux Falls, the company’s mobile division allows them to serve customers from all over the country. Clients throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota have come to trust in them because of their commitment to excellence. If you entrust them with your car, they will handle it with the utmost care.

It was a humble beginning for them. In Rapid City, South Dakota, Reflection Detailing began life in a cargo van. Using this unassuming vehicle, they cleaned car lots, did details for individual customers, and even shined up semi-trucks on the highway. Their first permanent storefront appeared in Rapid City in 2002. They were successful enough to launch a storefront and grow to offer ceramic coating services. They have worked in the industry for over 20 years and are now an Owner’s Pride® Ambassador. Being a reliable member of the neighbourhood is an amazing feeling.

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