11 Best Animal Shelter in NYC – Updated December 2022

We’ve researched over 25+ best animal center in NYC, and out of these, we selected 3 best and most popular animal shelter in the city. Apart from these, we also added 8 additional animal shelter in NYC that didn’t shortlist undet Top 3.

We selected based on their reviews, ratings, history, complaints, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such key points to make this list.

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1. Animal Care Centres of NYC

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If you’re searching for the animal shelter near me around NYC then this is the place you should visit first. Currently, they operate 4 locations around New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island.. 

People from everywhere in New York City come to Animal Care Centres all week long because of reasons as different as recovering lost pets, taking on new shaggy relatives and getting assets to assist them with keeping their pets in homes.

They endeavour to track down adoring homes for destitute and deserted felines, canines, and hares, both by taking on creatures straightforwardly to people in general and by joining forces with in excess of 200 committed animal situation associations. Their field service division reacts to calls from general society to assist with keeping the NYC community safe and salvage animals out of luck.

Address: 326 E 110th St, New York, NY 10029

Phone: (212) 788-4000

Open Hours: Mon – Sun (10 am – 6 pm)

Website: https://www.nycacc.org

2. ASPCA Adoption Centre

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The ASPCA Onyx and Breezy Shefts Adoption Centre, situated on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is an extensive, cutting edge cover with exceptionally qualified veterinarians and conduct advocates on staff. This animal shelter is situated at 424 E. 92nd St. (among first and York Avenues) in Manhattan, New York City, 10128. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was the main compassionate society to be laid out in North America and is, today, one of the biggest in the country. 

The ASPCA adoption centre will encourage a $150 recommended donation while adopting an animal. This donation permits the ASPCA to proceed with their lifesaving work and assist with evening more animals out of luck. They are appreciative of all possible commitments made at the hour of reception. This organisation was established on the conviction that animals are qualified for kind and conscious treatment because of people and should be safeguarded under the law. 

Settled in New York City, the ASPCA keeps a solid neighbourhood presence, and with programs that expand their enemy of remorselessness mission the nation over, they are perceived as a public animal government assistance association. They are a privately subsidised 501(c)(3) not-revenue driven organisation, and are pleased to flaunt multiple million allies the nation over.

3. Rescue City

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Salvage City is an expert, encourage based canine salvage situated in Brooklyn, New York. Here, they direct lifesaving salvage transports from open admission that can’t save a high level of animals. Because of their endeavours, many dogs are saved each year.

As an enlisted 501c3 non-profit 1, they for the most part depend on charge deductible donations to subsidise their lifesaving transport activities, veterinary expenses, and backing of their cultivates. Each dog they care for is completely confirmed and modified, microchipped, and immunised preceding reception. They are pleased that their association salvages dogs of each breed, size, age, demeanour, and ailment.

Rescue City is focused on saving the existence of dogs deprived from underserved covers. Their caring and devoted network assists them with giving brief, safe homes for these canines while they find awesome matches that outcome in long-lasting reception positions. They are highly esteemed, offering remarkable schooling and backing all through the cycle, guaranteeing an awesome encounter for both the canine and their human.

So if you’re interested in adopting a dog from here then we suggest you visit their adoption process pages and available dogs for adoption. These pages might be very helpful for you. 

Open Hours: Mon – Fri (9 am – 5 pm), Sat & Sun (Closed)

Website: http://www.rescuecity.nyc

8 Additional Animal Shelter Around NYC

These 8 additional animal shelter in NYC that didn’t shortlist undet Top 3. But we definately recommend these animal shelter if you’re not interested in the above options.