Find Auto Repair Shops Near Me - Updated December 2022

Find Auto Repair Shops Near Me – Updated December 2022

Are you searching for auto repair shops near you? Check out the below ways that help you to find nearby best auto repair mechanic for your vehicle.

We’re here to provide an easy solution that will help you to find auto repair shops or an expert mechanic that can fix you any type of vehicle problems. We also going to list some auto repair companies that might be available near your location.

Best Way to Find Auto Repair Shops Near Your Location

1. By Zipcode

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest ways to find auto repair shops nearby your location. Below, we added a zipcode search widget for you where you only need to enter your area zip code. After that, all the nearest possible auto repair shops list will be shown on your screen.

Bar Zip CODE

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2. By Google Map

Google Maps is another excellent way to find any type of services, shops, restaurants, and attractions. So if you need an urgent auto repair mechanic then you can find them by Google Map. You only need to open your map app and type on search box “auto repair shops near me” or ‘best auto repair mechanic near me”. After that, all possible results will be shown on the map.

But wait! Before doing this, we already did this work for you. Just looks at the below map. We already added a custom Google map where you can see the results.

3. Ask Around

I think that when we look for a service or a shop nearby, first of all, we get information from our nearest people such as our relatives, friends or our neighbors.

Similarly, if you do not know about any auto mechanics or auto repair shop nearby, then you can ask people near you about it. Those people will definitely share their experience if they have got their car fixed by that mechanic or shop.

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1. NAPA Auto Care Center

If you’re searching for experienced and best rated independent mechanics near you then NAPA mechanics would be perfect for your vehicle. By the way, if you do not know about this company, then let me tell you that it is the largest auto parts seller in America where you can buy various brands of quality auto parts for your car.

In addition, the company also provides auto repair services. In fact, according to NAPA AutoCare, they have the largest network (over 14,000 locations) of independent mechanics in North America.

Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or major repairs, NAPA AutoCare ASE Certified mechanics are always available for you.

Find Nearest NAPA Auto Care Locations and Mechanics Here

2. Autozone

Autozone is another one of the largest American retailers of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories. Like the NAPA, this company also provides services of selling auto parts as well as auto repair. Whether you have a slow leak or you’re leaking air quickly, AutoZone is the perfect place to quick fix for your flat.

So if you want to hire a professional auto repair mechanic then Autozone auto repair shops will be helpful for you. Autozone has qualified and trustable auto repair professionals in their shops.

Find Nearest Autozone Repair Shops

3. Pep Boys

This is also a great place where you can get your car fixed. Although this company is famous for selling top-quality auto parts at the same time, these people provide services of auto repair for their customers.

Pep Boys all professionals are ASE-Certified technicians and they’re trained to diagnose and repair broken auto parts or systems. Its all auto repair shops remain open seven days, six nights a week.

Make an Appointment at Pep Boys

4. Midas International

Midas International is one of the top automotive repair brand in America that offer many auto care services like the brake, maintenance, tires, exhaust, steering, and suspension.

It has more 2000 franchised, licensed and company-owned Midas shops in 13 countries, including nearly 1,300 in the U.S and Canada. The company provides many discounts, coupons, and rebate offers to its customer.

Midas also offers a credit card program that is accepted at more than 1,000 Midas locations and various gas stations nationwide.

Find Midas Auto Repair Shops Here

5. Meineke Car Care Centers

This is a worldwide automotive repair chain with more than 900 locations across the U.S. All auto repair shops of this company also offer a credit card program as well as fleet management services for its corporate customers.

Meineke offers a variety of services and repairs such as oil change, brake repair, exhaust & mufflers, tires & wheels so that you can count on Meineke for all of your vehicle’s needs.

Schedule an appointment or find nearby Meinke Auto care center.


CARSTAR is an auto repair company that offers various comprehensive vehicle repair services such as auto body repair, paintless dent repair, storm damage repair (including hail damage), and 24/7 accident assistance.

Like Midas and Meineke, here you’ll also get a credit card program and fleet management services. So whether you’ve had an accident, tangled with Mother Nature, or want to look at your car fresh, the employee of CARSTAR will always there to help you.

Find Nearest Location of CARSTAR auto repair shops.

7. AAMCO Transmissions and Total Care

AAMCO has more than 600 auto repair shops located across the U.S and all of them offer complete car care, everything from transmissions to tune-ups. It has locally owned and independently operated service centers and provides a strong nationwide warranty.

It has a similar mix of services as the other companies on this list, including a full range of auto repair and maintenance services, a credit card program, and fleet management services for corporate and government clients.

Find AAMCO Auto Repair Center

8. Precision Tune Auto Care

Precision Tune Auto Care specializes in tune-up service. But apart from this, this company also offers complete auto maintenance and repair services like other companies listed out in this list.

This company offers its own credit card program and fleet management services for all corporate customers and government agencies of United States. Its trained and certified technicians can perform much greater value with more convenience.

Find Precision Tune Auto Care Location Here

9. Christian Brothers Automotive

This is another well-known and trusted name in the auto repair industry in America. The company has more than 200+ locations nationwide that provide top-quality auto service and repair from expert technicians.

Another reason behind its popularity is that all location of this company puts a great deal of care and attention into the customer experience, including clean, spacious waiting rooms, complimentary beverages, free WiFi, complimentary shuttle service.

Check Nearby Location Here

10. Honest-1 Auto Care

Honest-1 currently has a low number of location but focus on pollution prevention, recycling, resource conservation, and promoting eco-friendly auto care services. So basically, it is an eco-friendly car care company that provides 36 months or 36,000 miles of national warranty.

Apart from these, Honest-1 provides cool feelings while fixing your car like they provide comfortable & appealing waiting areas which is suitable for women and families.

They have leather couches, large-screen TVs, workstations, and free WiFi, secured children’s play area, upscale bathroom décor, and complimentary beverages in every auto repair shops of this company.