Find Animal Shelter Near Me - Updated December 2022

Find Animal Shelter Near Me – Updated December 2022

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How To Select a Rescue Dog

Imagine knowing what kind of dog to select and adapt as your future dog. I’m going to talk about how to select your future dog as your newly adopted dog. Most of the tips that I’m gonna share here it applies whether you are adopting a dog or getting a new dog.

1. Don’t adopt the dog because of its look

The way they look that’s the first mistake dog owners make. They select the dog because they like the look of certain dogs or certain breeds. The looks of a dog don’t give you exactly what you want when it comes to selecting a dog. It really doesn’t matter what breed of dog you select.

All the breeds and all the dogs at the end, end up being the same thing. They become a pet a domesticated animal as a pet living with humans. So it doesn’t matter really what breed you select. Of course, I don’t suggest a working breed for example a border collie or German Shepherd to live in an urban setting in an apartment. They’re just not designed for that kind of

3 Most Important Tips for Picking a Dog From an Animal Shelter

I think it’s great you’re considering adopting a dog from an animal shelter. Rescuing a pet can be a great experience if you just follow some simple guidelines. Here are 3 very important tips to help you pick the right dog for your family.

1. The most important advice we can give to you is to not adopt a dog unless you have a minimum of one hour each day to spend walking or training your dog. If you can make this commitment the relationship between you and your new family member will be like night and day.

2. If possible bring a trainer with you or someone that you know has a lot of experience with dogs. They can help you judge the true personality of the pet in the shelter. This can be difficult because they’re typically hyper and stressed out. The more time you spend walking the dog and playing with the dog the easier it will be for you to judge the true personality of the pet you’re sneaking or adopting.  Also, don’t forget you can ask the shelter staff for their opinion about each dog’s personality. They’re not dog trainers but they’d be happy to let you know what they know about each dog.

3. Try not to pick a dog based just on its looks. You’ll want to go with a dog that’s energy level. It’s your family and lifestyle. If you’re a really busy person you work ten hours a day and live in an apartment then a lower energy dog will be a better fit for your family. You have a lot of free time and spend a lot of time outdoors something like a high-energy herding dog. Maybe a better fit for you if you can commit to spending that one hour each day with your dog. It will also bring a more joyful film to your life and rescuing a dog from our shelter your new companion is waiting for you.

5 Common Mistakes New Rescue Dog Owners Make

1. Treating Animal Shelter Dog Like a Pet Dog

So for most cases with rescue dogs we don’t know where that came from or what experiences they had in their life and many of us are used to only meeting pet dogs. So dogs that have always grown up in a really stable environment with a loving family but an unstable environment can change a dog completely.

It doesn’t mean that they’re bad dogs, it just means that they’ve never had anything to hold on to or anybody to love them. And a lot of people forget that fact about rescue dogs. So we do need to have a lot of patience when we’re bringing our new dog home because we don’t know and they’re not the same as pet dogs. They will be a pet dog but they may not have been in the past.

2. Not Considering any Additional Medical Costs

So like I mentioned with a lot of rescue dogs you don’t know their background, you don’t know where they came from, you don’t know if they’ve had any medical conditions before, you don’t know their parents and no medical conditions that went along with that.

So sometimes even though they are cleared by the vet usually when you adopt them.  Sometimes you don’t know 100% what’s going on internally with them and then some medical stuff can pop up later on. So prepare for an added cost whether it comes or not just so that you’re not taken by surprise.

3. Thinking That the Dog is Gonna Settle in Overnight

So a lot of these dogs they’ve been in very unstable environments. They’ve been moving around whether it’s between houses or foster houses. You know kennels all of these different places dogs love consistencies.

So that can be quite trying for them. So when they actually come to your house it may take a little while for them to settle into their new space, their new routine, and to really warm up to you on average.

It can take dogs rescue dogs about three months to truly show their true real colors. A lot of them will start getting comfortable with that but a lot of times we say that at three months that’s gonna be where your dog really is your true self. So don’t expect it to settle in and be happy just overnight it may take a little while.

4. Flooding the Dog with New Experiences 

Dogs are creatures of habit. They love routine and consistency. That’s how they feel safe. We may be super excited about bringing our new dog home but we have to respect their need to settle. 

So we do need to instead of throwing them into situations and showing them all these different places and meeting all these new people. We need to give them the time that they need to develop a bond with us so that they can trust us and feel okay in these new situations.

You don’t know what it is that your dog has been through. They may be absolutely terrified of one of the things that you want to introduce them to. So we do want to develop that bond before we expose them to new events and new people.

5. They Don’t Start the Training Soon Enough

When I say training, I don’t just mean like shake a paw and sit and things like that. I mean like house training even just knowing where the dog’s bed is like you need to start all that stuff right away because as I mentioned before dogs like routine and consistency.

They like the ground rules to be set so that they have a baseline to follow these dogs have had a really inconsistent life. So you need to give them consistency and we do that by training. 

Also with training, if you reward quite often after you do it. So let’s just say, it’s a sit if you’re constantly giving treats and pets in love after they do a good job that’s really gonna boost your dog’s confidence and it’s gonna develop a bond between the two of you which is always a good thing with a new rescue dog.

So those are the five most common mistakes that I see a lot of new rescue dog owners making. Of course, every dog in every situation is different. So these aren’t 100% going to be applicable to you but it is a good baseline for if you are looking to rescue a dog. So pay attention to those.

What is Animal Shelter?

An animal shelter is a special place that provides a safe haven for homeless animals while they await a new home. Some animals come a little bit too thin. They need food, they need water, and most of all they need TLC (Tender Loving Care) to help them on their way to a new home. Other animals might be perfectly healthy and they are just ready to find new people right away.

What Is The Difference Between an Animal Shelter and Pet Store?

The difference between an animal shelter and a pet store is that an animal shelter the only purpose is to take care of the animals and find them homes. The purpose of a pet

the store is to sell animals and make a profit off of them.

Who Can Adopt From an Animal Shelter?

The people who visit an adoption center or an animal shelter from all walks of life young, old, family, single, couples, you name it. There isn’t anyone who can’t benefit from the companionship of an animal.

What If I want a Certain Type of Dog?

About 20% of the dogs that come into the animal shelters across the country are actually pure breeds. This means that you don’t have to go to a breeder to find a breed of your choice and in addition to that, there are rescue groups that specialize in specific breeds. So if you go online into a search for your breed of choice chances are there’s one out there homeless just looking for your home.

Why Do Dogs and Cats End Up in Shelters?

Cats and dogs become homeless for a wide variety of reasons and often through no fault of their own. Sometimes a family can no longer keep the pet. Perhaps a family member is allergic or they’re moving to a new home that won’t allow pets or there are restrictions on how many pets they can have.

Why Can’t Animals Just Live At Shelters?

Shelters provide a safe haven for animals when they don’t any longer have a home. But they’re not ideal, not for people or animals. Can you imagine living in a place filled with lots of other kids where you don’t get to go out to the playground as often as you might like and where you don’t have a home to call your own? This is the kind of life that the animals endure. So we hope that it will be temporary and there are a lot of reasons for this. When too many animals are crowded into a single facility, they might become sick they might not have the opportunity to get as much socialization or exercise as they would have in a home and they might simply need a bed to call their own shelters.

What Can You Do To Help?

All across the country are looking for help and you can help them too. One thing that a shelter will always appreciate is some extra bedding towels, cushy blankets, soft pillows for pets to rest on and recline on while they’re waiting for adoption. One of the most important and easy things to do is to inform your friends and family members about animal shelters and how important it is to adopt rather than buying an animal. Make pet adoption your first option. When you adopt a pet you’re actually saving a pet’s life. A pet that could have remained homeless sleeping in a shelter instead of in your warm bed.